CPE Credits
MG 341
28 - 29 Aug 2017
US$ 2,400

All who would succeed in life should resolve that, whatever the task is at hand, there is only one way to do it, and that is to be inspired to do the BEST! Many employees are inclined to limit the quality of their work to the level of their wages. Everything that passes through our hands, everything we do, everything we touch, bears our trademark. What kind of trademark are you leaving? Inferior or superior, low standard or high standard, mediocre or excellent?

If we are going to succeed in life, we need to give our very best to what we do and pursue and inspire excellence empowerment. Achieving 21st century professional success, reflects greatly upon inspired leadership and management of the Company. As goes the Leader, so goes the pack!

EuroMaTech’s INSPIRE training course is designed to prepare and equip individuals to pursue the best possible, positive and proven principles and dynamics of real successful leadership!

Participants attending this inspirational course will develop the following competencies:

  • How to be committed to the management and company policies
  • How to identify, and clarify mission and work goals
  • Latest research on the significance of interpersonal relationship skills
  • Develop their own personal, inspiring, self-coaching programme
  • How to support confidence in others to perform their best
  • Know how to motivate themselves and others
Who Should Attend?

The INSPIRE training course – especially created to inspire, create and motivate the next level of professional leadership – is designed for the various levels of Leadership and Management, who want to pursue and achieve, the essential quality of professional excellence empowerment.

Programme Objectives

This EuroMaTech INSPIRE training course is designed to:

  • Emphasise the importance of inspiration as essential success requirements of 21st Century business
  • Understand the significance of dynamic interpersonal relationship skills – encourage others to exceed expectations
  • Show the steps of personal motivational empowerment – support confidence in others to perform their best
  • Establish creative and innovative teambuilding principles – create inspiring environment and incentives for accomplishment
  • Develop and on-going, pro-active programme, for achieving excellence
Training Methodology  

This EuroMaTech INSPIRE training course will be presented in a highly interactive manner, with a very impactive presentation style. Individual and group activities, will intersperse the sessions. Video and role plays situations will highlight the major teaching features.

These sessions are most informative, inspiring, fun, and presented in a relaxing atmosphere, that is conducive to learning and overcoming any fear or inadequate tendencies.  

Programme Summary   

This unique and specially designed INSPIRE training course will:

  • Reveal to each person that “success is an inside job”
  • Show how significant interpersonal skills are to their future success
  • Present a dynamic personal self-coaching programme
  • Create a goal setting strategy to achieve success
  • Improve greatly productivity and performance in the company/organization
Day 1 - The Dynamics of Inspiring Leadership
  • The challenge of successful, inspiring personal development
  • How to create a continuous commitment to the organization.
  • Understanding the significance of interpersonal relationship skills
  • How to equip Leaders for excellence through self-coaching
  • The pursuit of excellence
  • Becoming an environmental change agent

Personal Motivational Empowerment

  • How to motivate yourself and others
  • How to build a confident team that exceeds expectations
  • How to set innovative and challenging goals that achieve Company objectives
  • Discover and release the power of the subconscious mind
  • Understand your mind body significance that impacts your work life
Day 2 - Developing Creative and Innovative Leadership
  • Know how to create continuous commitment to the management.
  • How to clarify the mission and work goals.
  • How to encourage a positive working environment
  • Discover the powerful successful principles of Walt Disney
  • How to develop success relationships at every level
  • Learn how to practice the Golden Rule principle

Empowered Proactive Leadership

  • Analyse the importance of appreciation
  • Identify the attributes of a successful leader in creating incentives for accomplishment.
  • How to practice vital decision making strategies
  • Choosing pro-active leadership
  • How to energise others for success and accomplishment.
  • Setting up your own plan of action, for on-going personal and company success


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