An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Leading High Impact Teams - Advanced Level

Leadership Impact, Influence, and Inspiration

  • Format: Classroom
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: KHDA,


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Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you must inspire team-mates and customers. With the increased market pressures and target strategies many companies are deliberating how to achieve the highest levels of performance from their people.

The most important factor in driving effective teamwork and team engagement is the behaviour and impact of the leader. This EuroMaTech training course explains how to inspire the team’s potential and introduces techniques for influencing the team to peak performance. This EuroMaTech Leading High Impact Teams training course is highly interactive, and participants are expected to discuss their unique situation as well as practicing the tools they are learning.

Participants attending the Leading High Impact Teams training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Exploring the connection between the leader’s behaviour and performance
  • New ways to measure and manage performance
  • Unique techniques to truly plug into engagement
  • Harnessing the dynamics of the team through personality profiling
  • Inspiring team flexibility and commitment using advanced coaching skills

This EuroMaTech training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understanding the subtle differences between ineffective and effective teams
  • Positioning the different team player styles and their impact
  • Create a team strategy to manage the team
  • Devise methods of dealing with conflicts that effect performance
  • Review strategies for handling difficult people

This EuroMaTech Leading High Impact Teams training course will help anyone who wishes to maximise their team leadership and management skills.

  • Leaders who are looking to renovate their skillset and ability
  • Managers who have taken on a new team leadership role
  • Managers who have a challenging team or feel their teams are ‘in a rut.’
  • Senior Management wanting to employ modern leadership techniques
  • Project Managers or those with a project management role

This training course uses a range of approaches to learning, including experiential group activities, individual exercises, mini-case studies, role plays and syndicate discussions. Formal inputs are used to introduce underpinning theory. A key part of the learning process is sharing the differing experiences that participants bring, as well as experimenting with novel – and sometimes challenging – techniques. A psychometric instrument will be used to generate a personality profile, which will contribute to their understanding of preferences and personal style.


The Leading High Impact Teams training course covers essential factors in impacting on effective teamwork and team engagement. This EuroMaTech training course explains how to inspire the team’s potential and introduces techniques for influencing the team to peak performance. This develops a deeper relationship with those around you. This is crucial towards influencing team members to achieve organizational goals and inspiring individuals to support the team direction.

Day 1 : What is My Role?
  • Teams, leaders, and managers
  • Key leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Balancing impact, influence, and inspiration
  • Different leadership styles and style flexibility
  • Self-awareness and getting feedback
  • Emotional intelligence and rapport
Day 2 : Strategic Vision and Alignment
  • Understanding the shared vision
  • Identifying aims, objectives, and alignment
  • Developing SMART objectives and indicators
  • Divergent approaches to problem-solving
  • Influencing a compelling vision
  • Problem solving through engagement
Day 3 : Team Dynamics
  • Team development through five stages
  • The sociology of the team
  • Creating a culture of high-performing teams
  • Matching different team roles and personality types
  • Innovative team structures
  • Delegation, empowerment & engagement
Day 4 : Maximising Team Potential
  • Personality types and positioning for success
  • Building a culture of creativity and transformation
  • Self-managing teams and their challenges
  • Coaching, mentoring and self-directed development
  • Feedback and performance appraisal
  • Applying team strengths for peak performance
Day 5 : Performance & Conflict Management
  • Defining high performance targets
  • How to measure team and individual performance
  • Performance management: logical or emotional?
  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • Conflict as a stimulus for team development
  • Dealing with challenging relationships
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