Certificate in Innovation and Creative Thinking

An Intensive 10-day Training Course

Certificate in Innovation and Creative Thinking

Developing Innovative Leadership Cognitive Potential in Teams and Organisations

  • Format: Classroom
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: CPE, KHDA Certified training courses
Certificate in Innovation and Creative Thinking


Date Venue Fee CPE Credit
Date: 13-24 May 2024
Venue: London
Fee: US $11,900
CPE Credit: 30
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Date: 04-15 Nov 2024
Venue: London
Fee: US $11,900
CPE Credit: 30
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This 10 day EuroMaTech Certificate in Innovation and Creative Thinking training course has been specifically developed to address the needs of innovative and creative organisations wishing to develop their leaders in this highly sought after competency. These key people provide the catalyst for organisational success.

This engaging Certificate in Innovation and Creative Thinking training course will develop your cognitive innovative and creative leadership knowledge and methods, as well as provide active tools and techniques to create innovative and creative teams.  This training course will cover the key factors needed for innovative leaders, as well as the basis of innovative and creative methods through Design thinking methodology, leading into applying powerful neuroscience to open the develop the creative mind.  This training course also focuses on how to lead and develop your team to become more innovative and creative, using psychometric profile and advanced team dynamics.  Innovation and creativity are now seen as the key differentiators in organisational success and leaders and team members who can implement these are in high demand in any sector or discipline. 

This training course will highlight:

  • The change from transactional leadership and team process to Innovative and Creative Leadership by developing the correct mindset across the organisation
  • How to develop the highly sought after skills and techniques of innovation, creativity and vision as a Leader and in Teams
  • Understand the process of innovation from Design Thinking to advanced Visualisation
  • Applying neuroplasticity and neuroscience techniques to develop your, and your teams, power of innovation and creativity
  • Create the right environment and culture to achieve innovation excellence in the organisation

This 10-day training course, comprises of two parts, as detailed below:

Module 1 - Innovative and Creative Leadership

Module 2 - Innovation in Teams and the Organisation

Each module has been developed distinctly, such that it can can be attended as an individual 5-day training course. However, for optimum training outcome, participants are encouraged to attend Module 1 and Module 2, as a complete 2-week training course.


At the end of this EuroMaTech training course, you will learn to:

  • Learn the key principles of Innovative and Creative Leadership
  • Apply leading-edge techniques to develop your, and your teams innovative mindset
  • Develop and enhance creative abilities
  • Inspire and lead others to greater possibilities
  • Create a culture and environment of innovation and creative excellence


This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Senior Management
  • Heads of Department
  • General Management Disciplines: requiring innovative and creativity skills and techniques
  • Managers in Technical Disciplines: requiring innovative and creativity skills and techniques

Delegates attending this training course will gain great benefit including:

  • Greater understanding of innovation and leadership effectiveness
  • Increased confidence in leading or managing innovation and creativity
  • Better efficiency and effectiveness in achieving projects in team situations
  • Increased interpersonal skills and enhanced cognitive behaviours
  • Advanced tools and techniques in developing leadership and team mindset
Training methodology

Participants in this Certificate in Innovation and Creative Thinking training course will receive thorough training on the subjects covered by the outline using a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques.  Training course methodology includes active presentations, interactive exercises, targeted video presentations, participative discussions and a psychometric team profile assessment.  In addition, practical tools and techniques will be demonstrated that can be utilized immediately back in the workplace to improve performance.


Organisations sending delegates on this Certificate in Innovation and Creative Thinking training course will gain:

  • Employees equipped in contemporary, leading-edge Innovative Leadership principles and mindset
  • Increase performance of innovation, generation of ideas and creativity in the workplace
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of projects with greater clarity and vision
  • Motivated employees, focused on the task
  • Present and future Organization Excellence
Module 1: Innovative and Creative Leadership
Day 1 - The Innovative and Creative Leader
  • Innovative Leadership Qualities and Attributes
  • Creating the Right Environment for Innovation
  • Using Emotional Intelligence for Emotive Insights
  • Learning to Inspire and Influence
  • Applying Agile Techniques of Leadership
  • Dealing with Change and its Variables
Day 2 - Starting the Journey: Design Thinking Concepts
  • Design Thinking Background
  • The Key Principles of Design Thinking
  • Design Thinking V Critical Thinking
  • Creating Powerful Problem Statements To Define The Problem
  • Design Thinking Practical Tools and Applications
  • Learning from Powerful Examples: Disruptive Legends
Day 3 - Opening the Mind to Creative Possibilities: Self and Others
  • The Levels of the Mind and their Application
  • Igniting Innovation and Creativity
  • Visualisation techniques the power of creativity
  • Using the Solution Focused Approach
  • Create the Vision in the Minds of Others
  • Learn from Failure
Day 4 - Optimum Decision Making
  • Decision Making Process and Models
  • Utilising the Alternative Box in Business
  • Ethics & Morals: The PLUS Model
  • Systems Thinking Techniques and Principles
  • Applying the Decision Making Funnel Model
  • Active Delivery: from Concept to Creation 
Day 5 - Developing the Lens of Your Innovative Leadership
  • Understanding the Leadership Lens
  • Creating Focused Goals and Vision
  • Implementation and Embedding of Solutions
  • Selling the Ideas to Others
  • Summary and Review
Module 2: Innovation in Teams and the Organisation
Day 1 - Developing Innovative and Creative Teams
  • Traditional Teams V Innovative and Creative Teams
  • Lessons from Millgram and Hawthorne on Team Purpose
  • Overcoming the ‘Why’ paradox in team situations
  • Leading Dynamic Change in the Team
  • Developing the Right Creative Team Environment
  • Team Role Profile: Psychometric Assessment tool
Day 2 - Team Dynamics, and Behaviours in Innovative Teams
  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • From High Performing to Highly Innovative Teams
  • Increasing Performance through Behavioural Motivation
  • Applying Team Problem Solving techniques
  • Igniting the Spark of Team Innovation
  • Reaching Consensus and Decisions in Groups
Day 3 - Building Team Unity and Overcoming Negative Influences
  • Key Interpersonal Skills Needed in Creative Teams
  • Using Empowerment to maximize trust and influence
  • Building Personal Influence: trust and integrity
  • Overcoming Negativity in the team
  • Developing Team Motivation
  • Building Team Cohesion and Unity
Day 4 - Increasing Team Creative Performance
  • Managing Team Performance: Overcoming the 4 Problems
  • Setting powerful Team Objectives to maximize completion
  • Utilising Team Power for Innovative Idea Generation
  • Team SCALAR for Idealized Agile Innovation
  • Learning from AGILE Team
  • Gaining commitment through powerful feedback
Day 5 - Continuous Improvement In Organizational Innovation
  • Adopting Innovation and Creativity in the Organization Culture
  • Stop: Continue: New: Review Technique and System
  • Kaizen: Adding Value
  • Building on Continuous Improvement
  • Adopting Innovation and Creativity in the Organization
  • Summary and Review

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