An Intensive 5-Day Online Training Course

Presentation Design and Delivery Skills

  • Format: Live / Online
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English



This highly participative online training course in Presentation Design and Delivery that will help the delegates and their organizations achieve high level of skills and understanding needed to prepare high quality presentations, which will be based on adequate selection of the presentation based on the audience they are presenting to, as well as the advanced methods of “bringing their presentations to life” with confidence, authority and a way to interact with the audience in a way that will both entice and captivate the audience.

The delegates will learn how to create a captivating presentation using the series of real-life presentations, and also understand the proper way of storytelling. Also the delegates will acquire the knowledge of several different software for creating presentations, and the ability to achieve advanced level of knowledge in the use of PowerPoint.

Participants attending the Advanced Presentation online training course will develop the following competencies:

  • How to gain and retain confidence to present in front of the audience,
  • Understanding the power of “connection” with the audience,
  • Advanced design skills and techniques of PowerPoint and other presentation aids.
  • Better communication skills through animation, simulation and use of videos,
  • Ability to create a captivating story for every presentation
Programme Objectives:

This Presentation Design and Delivery online training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Master the voice, body language and verbal skills of effective presenters.
  • Learn to use practical methods to control nerves and anxiety.
  • How to shorten the time it takes to design and develop a presentation.
  • The correct way to structure any presentation – from five minutes to five hours.
  • Ways of keeping to time, staying on track, and holding attention.
  • Facilitate group discussions to get full and active participation with any audience.
  • PowerPoint design skills and principles, with examples.
  • Easy ways of maintaining audience interest, impact and retention by using stories, metaphor, humour and memory hooks.


Training Methodology

The Advanced Presentation online training course will combine presentations with interactive practical exercises, supported by video materials, activities and case studies. The seminars will use the most up-to-date presentation and interactive methods of work with the group's modernization, focusing on problem identification in the thematic area, and group work of the participants on finding solutions, or ways to solve the identified problems through the discussion of practical examples and tasks.

Programme Summary

The Presentation Design and Delivery online training course covers essential skills required for successful presentation and storytelling in front of the audience of any size, any mix of learners and even the hostile crowd.

Program Outline
Day 1 : Presentation Skills – Key Principles
  • What is a good presentation?
  • Characteristics and personal qualities of effective presenters
  • Type of talks, speeches and presentations
  • First and last impressions
  • Make an Ice-Breaker presentation
  • Getting interaction and engagement
  • The principles of maintaining interest
  • Using online presentation tools and techniques
Day 2 : Content, Substance and Getting You Message Clear
  • Planning for the perfect presentation
  • Seven step preparation model
  • Researching the audience and setting time related objectives
  • Venue considerations and why they are so important
  • Researching presentations
  • Creating a ‘map’ for your audience
  • Harnessing nerves in a creative way
Day 3 : Talk, Sound and Look Like A Professional
  • The importance of good eye contact in presenting
  • Body language and assertiveness
  • The vocal skills of top presenters when online
  • Increased emphasis, tonality and tonal marking
  • The differing skills for small or platform presentations
  • Step into another person’s shoes to appreciate their motivation
  • The use of Metaphors and Humour
  • Communicating to Persuade
  • Using power language to convince others
  • Communication skills using Online presentation format
Day 4 : The Art and Science of PowerPoint and Visual Design
  • Design principles for creating high-impact slides in PowerPoint
  • How to structure your slide presentation
  • Time-saving tips to create PowerPoint slides in a hurry
  • The use of templates, colour, shapes and design tips
  • Sources of images, artwork and video
  • Embedding video, graphs, pictures and other elements
  • Using transitions, animation and creative effective
  • How to create notes, handouts and using as a presenter
  • How to make your own video presentations using PowerPoint
Day 5 : Polishing Your Performance
  • Visual aids, what are they and how they should be used
  • Content and the message the audience receives
  • How to influence an audience and handle questions with ease
  • Putting it all together for balanced presentations
  • The final presentations
  • The keys of effective presenting online
  • Action planning
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