An Intensive 3-Day Online Training Course

Emotional Intelligence During Times of Crisis

  • Format: Live / Online
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: KHDA,


01 - 03 May 2023 Live/Online US $ 2950 Enroll now
24 - 26 Jul 2023 Live/Online US $ 2950 Enroll now
30 Oct - 01 Nov 2023 Live/Online US $ 2950 Enroll now

In these times of the COVID19 crisis, organizations are expected to demonstrate emotional calmness and resilience to achieve organizational objectives in the midst of a very challenging, rapidly changing environment.

Organizations value employees who can display high competency in communicating, influencing, motivating others and managing work related stress. Therefore it is imperative that team members cultivate emotional intelligence in handling crisis.  

In this online training course, delegates will learn to:

  • Face the COVID19 crisis with emotional intelligence
  • Keep work relationships productive by cultivating emotional intelligence at work
  • Recognize stress levels and keep it under control
  • Communicate with team members using emotionally intelligent language
  • Pick up social cues and respond appropriately to them

Participants attending this EuroMaTech online training course will:  

  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Deal with crisis with confidence
  • Relate with others more effectively
  • Learn techniques to handle emotional stress
  • Manage relationships with team members  
  • Work more effectively with team members  
  • Anyone who is interested in facing crisis with confidence
  • Any manager, supervisor and team leader
  • Those individuals interested in developing themselves to be a an emotionally healthy individual
  • Individuals who wish to understand their emotions and how it affects those around them
  • Any employee who wish to improve their productivity in the workplace
  • All managers, leaders and professionals who need to deal with crisis

This online interactive training course will combine presentations with interactive practical exercises, supported by video material and case studies.


The Emotional Intelligence During Times of Crisis online training course covers essential skills such as managing self and managing relationships with team members. Emotional skills such as self-awareness and self management together with the skills of empathising with others and relating with others effectively will be taught. This online training course will help you to communicate persuasively and with impact.

The online training course will impart confidence in you to handle challenging situations and flexibility to adapt and be clear about who you are and who you want to be. This allows you to develop deeper relationships with those around you. This is crucial towards inspiring team members to achieve organizational goals and influencing individuals to support the team direction during times of crises.

Day 1: Emotionally Intelligence During Crisis
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence During Crisis
  • Perception and our emotions
  • Developing self awareness
  • Enhancing our potential
  • Solving problems in crisis
  • Improving teamwork during crisis
Day 2: Developing our emotional intelligence during crisis
  • Developing intrapersonal skills
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills
  • Managing stress during crisis
  • Holistic approach to deal with emotional stress
  • Encouraging an emotional intelligent team 
  • Bonding together in times of crisis 
Day 3: Inspiring an emotional intelligent team in times of crisis
  • Cultivating an emotionally intelligent work culture
  • Achieving the zone of our best performance
  • Fostering healthy work relationships
  • Collaborative team synergy  
  • Facing a crisis with confidence  
  • Developing an action plan
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