An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Smart Cities, Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures

  • Format: Classroom
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: KHDA,


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This highly participative EuroMaTech Smart Cities, Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures training course reflects onto the current trend of implementing technology and smart solutions in the cities with the improvement of the citizens livelihood in mind.

The result of this trend is an increasing interest in the transitioning of cities towards smart cities. This is especially true as we see that interest expressed both by technology vendors and public authorities are following these trends. Smart technologies can provide immense opportunities for citizens and for service providers alike, the ICTs often act as disruptive innovators of urban infrastructure service provision, and this course is dedicated to the use of technologies and ICT for the creation of smart cities.

Participants attending the EuroMaTech Smart Cities, Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Ability to understand opportunities related to smart urban infrastructures
  • Realise the challenges in implementation of smart urban infrastructures
  • Knowledge of urban infrastructure management
  • Experience of smart technologies for urban infrastructure management
  • Assurance of sustainability of energy, food, sanitation and mobility

This EuroMaTech Smart Cities, Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Realisation of disruptive innovations influence in urban infrastructure
  • Identify urban infrastructure development strategies
  • Reduce problems and issues in transition to smart cities
  • Include the experiences from the course into your work
  • Potentials of legacy infrastructure incorporation

The EuroMaTech Smart Cities, Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures training course will combine presentations with interactive practical exercises, supported by video materials, activities and case studies where the principles and practices of making the cities “smart”, as well as improvements within the legacy infrastructure. The seminars will use the most up-to-date presentation and interactive methods focusing on problem identification in the thematic area, and work of the participants on finding solutions, or ways to solve the identified problems through the discussion of practical examples and tasks.


The EuroMaTech Smart Cities, Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures training course covers the modern approaches to urban design with specific focus on creating smart cities, through the management of smart urban transportation, food and smart urban energy systems.

Day 1 - Legacy infrastructure and smart cities
  • Existing infrastructure upgrade
  • Smart City concept in terms of existing cities and towns
  • Digitization
  • Digitizing socio-economic systems of the cities
  • Examples of improving existing cities
Day 2 - City energy demand
  • Urban energy requirements
  • Utilities in smart cities
  • Energy as a service
  • Risks in energy management
  • Energy demand management in smart cities
Day 3 - Food and water management in smart cities
  • Food production and delivery
  • Sustainability of food provisions
  • Water systems
  • Water consumption
  • Digitalization of food and water systems in smart cities
Day 4 - Smart city transportation and urban mobility
  • Connectivity
  • Urban transportation resources and needs
  • Transportation management in smart cities
  • Mobility and proximity
  • Population mobility
Day 5 - Upgrade of existing cities into smart cities
  • Building new smart city vs upgrading existing city
  • Digitalization as a service
  • Smart city services and management
  • Voice of the citizen
  • Examples of successful smart city intiatives
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