Assets Condition Assessment on Electrical Equipment

An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Assets Condition Assessment on Electrical Equipment

  • Format: Classroom
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: CPE, KHDA Certified training courses
Assets Condition Assessment on Electrical Equipment


Date Venue Fee CPE Credit
Date: 29 Jul-02 Aug 2024
Venue: Dubai
Fee: US $5,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Date: 18-22 Nov 2024
Venue: Dubai
Fee: US $5,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Date: 28 Jul-01 Aug 2025
Venue: Dubai
Fee: US $5,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Date: 17-21 Nov 2025
Venue: Dubai
Fee: US $5,950
CPE Credit: 30
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This EuroMaTech Assets Condition Assessment on Electrical Equipment training course is highly participative training course will explore important aspects of power system equipment assessment methodology.

Transmission and Distribution Electric Utilities have a vast amount of assets distributed over their system in the form of various equipment. As part of an asset management program, electric utilities keep focusing on the inspection and maintenance activities of these assets to improve system performance, reliability, and to ensure cost-effective expenditures. Therefore, methodology that will reflect these inspection and maintenance efforts in terms of overall condition of the equipment is needed. Also, techniques are needed to assess the impact of inspection and maintenance activities on the overall reliability of systems performance.

To achieve this, a methodology for the assessment of equipment condition and the estimation of the health index for transformers, circuit breakers and other electrical equipment were developed. After that, a technique to estimate the failure rate from the equipment health index was used. Then an IEEE test case was selected to demonstrate its impact on system reliability indices with the help of a predictive reliability assessment software tool.

As part of the equipment condition assessment method for transformer, circuit breaker and other electrical equipment failure modes and maintenance practices for this equipment were reviewed. Based on this review, parameters were selected for condition assessment which will provide significant information about the equipment’s condition and will also justify the cost and efforts. For each of the parameters, a score and weight were defined, and guidelines were developed to assign them. Also, ways in which online monitoring systems can contribute to equipment condition assessment were presented briefly.

This EuroMaTech training course is targeted at technical personnel working in the Medium to Large Power Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution Systems, particularly in the Utilities, Oil & Gas, Mining and Minerals Processing and Heavy Industries.


This EuroMaTech Assets Condition Assessment on Electrical Equipment training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Comprehensive understanding of Condition Assessment on Electrical Equipment
  • Skill to assign Assessment for transformers, CB, UGC, TL and all other equipment
  • Develop techniques used to convert the equipment health index into its failure rate
  • Understanding of common assessment techniques used in electrical field
  • Flexibility to adapt to new situations
  • Self-awareness for personal growth and development
  • Develop your ability to cope new Technology


This EuroMaTech Assets Condition Assessment on Electrical Equipment training course is designed specifically for Electrical engineering professionals who need to update their knowledge, distribution system planners, maintenance engineers and managers, and power system consultants. The participants should have a basic understanding of power system operations and maintenance, but do not necessarily have to be experts. Also, the engineers who are starting their career in the field of power in utilities, industrial or commercial plants and institutional complexes will benefit from this course.

  • Team Leaders (new and experienced)
  • Technical Staff making the transition to professional
  • Electrical engineers in maintenance and operation field
  • Supervisors who wish to increase their effectiveness
  • Team Leaders interested in further management development
  • Managers who wish to evaluate and improve their performance
Training methodology

This training course will combine presentations with interactive practical exercises, supported by video materials, activities, case studies and practical sessions for measuring and testing the transformers. Delegates will be encouraged to participate actively in relating the principles of the Assets Condition Assessment on Electrical Equipment training course to the particular needs of their workplace.


This EuroMaTech Assets Condition Assessment on Electrical Equipment training course covers essential knowledge such as theoretical and practical aspects of assessment techniques used for electrical equipment such as transformer, CB, TL. Operation, maintenance, testing and troubleshooting for such equipment are presented. The course emphasizes the application and verification of the most common assessment techniques used. It addresses the asset management plan for capital and maintenance investment. Practical sessions for reliability prediction for IEEE test case is presented.

Day 1 - Strategic Management of Distribution Fixed Assets
  • Asset Condition Assessment Methodology
  • Overhead Lines
  • Condition Assessment Criteria for Poles
  • Condition Assessment Criteria for Insulators
  • Condition Assessment Criteria for Metal Cross arms or Hardware
  • Ranking Condition of Poles and Accessories through Multiple Criteria
  • Condition Assessment Criteria for Conductors
  • Condition Assessment Criteria for Splices
Underground Distribution System
  • Condition Assessment Criteria for Cables, Splices and Terminations
  • Condition Assessment Criteria for Cable Splices and Terminations
  • Ranking Condition of Cables and Splices through Multiple Criteria
  • Condition Assessment Criteria for Manholes and Vaults
  • Ranking Condition of Manholes and Vaults through Multiple Criteria
  • Health Index Formulation for Underground Cables, manholes and vaults
Day 2 - Transformers & Circuit Breaker Conditions Assessment and Failure Rate Estimation
  • Transformer Failure Modes
  • Selection of Criteria for Condition Assessment Sheet
  • Transformer Failure Rate Estimation
  • Transformer Online Monitoring Systems
  • Circuit Breaker Failure Modes and Causes of Failure
  • Maintenance Practices for Circuit Breakers
  • Selection of Criteria for Condition Assessment Sheet
  • Reliability Prediction for IEEE Test Case
Day 3 - Substations
  • Condition Assessment of Power Transformers
  • Ranking Condition of Power Transformers through Multiple Criteria
  • Condition Assessment Criteria for Circuit Breakers and Reclosers
  • Ranking Condition of Circuit Breakers and Reclosers through Multiple Criteria
  • Condition Assessment Criteria for Protection Relays and Remote Terminal Units
  • Ranking of Protection Relays Condition through Multiple Criteria
  • Control Battery and Chargers
  • Ranking Condition Control Batteries through Multiple Criteria
  • Substation Ground Grids
  • Ranking Condition of Ground Grids through Multiple Criteria
  • Substation Fences
  • Ranking Condition of Fences through Multiple Criteria
  • Substation Buildings
  • Ranking Condition of Substation Buildings through Multiple Criteria
  • Health Index Formulation for Substation Equipment
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Ranking the Condition of Distribution Transformers through Multiple Criteria
  • Health Index Formulation for Distribution Transformers
  • Disconnect Switches and Cut-outs
  • Ranking Condition of Disconnect Switches through Multiple Criteria
  • Health Index Formulation for Disconnect Switches
Day 4 - Asset Demographics and Condition Assessment
  • Overhead Line Support Poles
  • Medium Voltage Overhead Line Circuits
  • Medium Voltage Underground Circuits
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Other Line Assets
  • Distribution Substations
  • Smart Grid Initiative
  • Preventative Maintenance
Day 5 - Asset Management Plan - Capital and Maintenance Investments
  • Overall Long-Term Capital Expenditure Requirements
  • Overhead Lines
  • Underground Cable System
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Recommended CAPEX Investments into Asset Sustainment
  • Recommended CAPEX Investments into Smart Grid
  • Revenue Metering Investments
  • Information Technology (IT) System Investments
  • Tools and Equipment

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