An Intensive 5-Day Online Training Course

Integrated Reservoir Analysis:

Concepts, Methodology & Importance


25 - 29 Dec 2022 Live/Online US $ 2400 Enroll now
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25 - 29 Dec 2023 Live/Online US $ 2950 Enroll now

Understanding the reservoir performance is very crucial for a proper field development plan. Integrated approach should to be adopted to keep the production at the optimum level. Integration includes not only all available information but also considering all factors affecting on the overall reservoir behaviour.

This premium quality EuroMaTech online training course aims to give the participants with a solid understanding on the integrated reservoir engineering analysis. The training course adopts an integrated approach to cover many fundamentals and conventional reservoir engineering aspects. The training course will extend to include a deep analysis on reservoir simulation and modelling features started from natural flow case and up to enhanced oil recovery modelling. Production optimization in addition to water & gas coning concepts are included especially with smart horizontal well technology.

Participants attending the Integrated Reservoir Analysis online training course will develop their knowledge on the following key points:

  • Fundamentals of reservoir Engineering
  • Original hydrocarbon in place estimation
  • Reserve evaluation and recovery factors
  • Using conventional reservoir engineering with new infill wells
  • Reservoir simulation and modelling analysis
  • Enhanced oil recovery modelling analysis
  • Field Development Plan concept
  • Production optimization using Nodal Analysis
  • Water and gas coning concept
  • Different actual field case studies

By the end of this EuroMaTech Integrated Reservoir Analysis online training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Gain better understand on the fundamental of reservoir engineering
  • Be aware how to calculate the original hydrocarbon in place and reserve estimation
  • Gain sufficient knowledge on reservoir simulation analysis
  • Understand enhanced oil recovery modelling analysis
  • Understand production optimization using Nodal Analysis Approach
  • Gain better knowledge on water / gas coning analysis

The Integrated Reservoir Analysis online training course is suitable for:

  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Simulation Engineers
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Field / Production Engineers
  • Facilities / Process Engineers
  • Team Leader / Managers
  • Development / Exploitation Engineers
  • Those seeking to have more knowledge on the integrated reservoir analysis

EuroMaTech’s Integrated Reservoir Analysis online training course will combine technical presentations, extensive discussion and different actual field case studies supported by video materials to ensure that all participants will be ready to use theirs new knowledge.


The Integrated Reservoir Analysis online training course adopts an easy approach to enhance the knowledge of all participants and bring them quickly to the concepts, methodology and importance of reservoir engineering analysis in the overall oil industry.

Day 1 :  Reservoir Engineering Fundamentals
  • Reservoir Types
  • Reservoir Drive Mechanisms
  • Overall Reservoir Performance
  • Overall Producing Well Performance
  • Reservoir Life Cycle
  • Reservoir Rock Properties
  • Reserve Fluid Characterization
Day 2 : Initial Oil in Place / Reserve Analysis
  • Volumetric Method
  • Material Balance
  • Decline Curve Analysis
  • Reserve Estimation
  • Recovery Factors

Identify New Infill Opportunity (Integrated Conventional Analysis)

  • Normalized Production Bubble Maps
  • Wells Completion Matrix
  • Wells Correlation Panel
  • Stick Plots
  • Estimation of Initial Rates for new Infill Wells
Day 3 : Reservoir Simulation Integrated Analysis
  • Reservoir Simulation Concept
  • Reservoir Static Model
  • Reservoir Dynamic Model
  • Saturation Height Function

Conducting the Reservoir Simulation Study

  • Steps to run the simulation model
  • Define Reservoir Initial Conditions
  • Basics of Production Data History Match
  • Parameters used for History Match

Case Study – Reservoir Simulation Field Case

Day 4 : Reservoir Simulation Integrated Analysis (Contd.)
  • Steps to run Reservoir Simulation Forecast
  • Prediction Scenarios

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Modelling Overview Analysis

  • Preparing the Model for EOR
  • Compositional Simulation Model
  • Fluid Characterization / PVT Modelling
  • EOR Simulation Modelling

Case Study – Enhanced Oil Recovery Simulation

Day 5 : Production Optimization-Nodal Analysis
  • Pressure Losses in Production System
  • Nodal Analysis Concept
  • Nodes of Production System
  • Inflow Performance Curve
  • Outflow Performance Curve
  • Nodal Analysis Applications
  • Water and Gas Coning
  • Coning / Breakthrough Concept
  • Effect of Reservoir Parameters
  • Critical Rate Calculation
  • Coning Control
  • Smart Horizontal Wells

Case Study – Smart Horizontal well applications (ICD)

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