Cx – The Customer Experience

An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Cx – The Customer Experience

Survive & Thrive in the Post Pandemic World

  • Format: Classroom, Live/Online
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: CPE, KHDA Certified training courses
Cx – The Customer Experience


Date Venue Fee CPE Credit
Date: 25-29 Mar 2024
Venue: Dubai
Fee: US $5,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Date: 21-25 Jul 2024
Venue: Riyadh
Fee: US $5,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Date: 18-22 Nov 2024
Venue: Dubai
Fee: US $5,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Date: 15-19 Dec 2024
Venue: Riyadh
Fee: US $5,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Date Venue Fee CPE Credit
Date: 25-29 Mar 2024
Venue: Live/Online
Fee: US $3,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Date: 18-22 Nov 2024
Venue: Live/Online
Fee: US $3,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Covid-19 changed the world!  Long before anyone had heard of coronavirus, the internet and Social Media were revolutionizing commerce and business, traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ Enterprises and face-to-face business models were coming under increasing threat from the world of online.  Then came the virus.  The world was locked down, customers were forced online and the e-tailers and other online businesses had the time of their lives.

So where does this leave Enterprise as we emerge, blinking from the global shutdown?  Customers have become used to online, there may be fear about engaging face-to-face, how do we respond?  How do we react?  What is the way forward?

One thing we know for certain, the customer places a huge importance to the experience he gets when dealing with an organisation.  Because comparison, peer-review and auto-switch websites all combine to remove traditional points of differentiation, traditional marketing levers do not work.  The Customer Experience (Cx) is the last point of differentiation and, in the post-pandemic world, is more important than ever before.

This Masterclass will enable organisations to develop a seamless ‘best-in-class’ Cx system for the clients and customers.  It will show how to use a variety of approaches, technology and behaviours to deliver superb Customer Experiences across their whole offering, whether it is delivered by humans, AI or all points in between.

Participants will develop the following competencies:

  • Understand human psychology. Know the mind of the customer and why he does the things he does
  • Know the customer’s mind better than he does, learn how to address the things he truly
  • Understand the true nature of value, why it is so important, how it can be created (and captured) and how it moves from one business model to another
  • Understand how to develop and train the people skills for effective and winning Cx strategies face-to-face
  • Understand how to use technology to deliver world-class Cx to clients and customers
  • Understand and deploy proven strategies for harnessing Social Media and create a Cx ‘buzz’ around your offerings

By the end of this EuroMaTech training course, participants will be able:

  • To show how to understand the customer’s mind, his attitudes, behaviours and mental models and to give proven strategies to deal with these
  • To show the true nature of value, how it links to profitability and business success
  • How to build Brands in the post-pandemic world
  • How to use a multi-faceted approach to the customer experience to grow your business and send your customer approval ratings skywards.
  • How to find a consistent Cx Brand ethos across a wide variety of platforms from AI, semi-automated to human and build in consistent
  • How to consider building the ‘Turing effect’ to all your customer interactions

  • Marketing Executives
  • Corporate Leaders
  • Brand Leaders
  • Sales Professionals
  • Customer Service Professionals
  • Sales Management
  • Key and Global Account Directors.
Training methodology

This EuroMaTech training course is designed to be highly interactive, challenging and stimulating. Delegates will learn by a combination of active participation using training course materials, case study review, discussion, syndicate group work, skills practice exercises, training videos and exploration of relevant best practice. This Cx – The Customer Experience training course synthesises use of relevant organisational theory and best practices with proven case studies and strategies. It will be an interactive opportunity to sharing best practice, bringing a consistency and value driven approach to Cx delivery and brand-building, giving participants the opportunity to learn or refresh the essential skills to build successful brands and re-orientate their customer-facing culture to fit the post-pandemic world. 


This CX – The Customer Experience Masterclass offers the chance to understand the true nature of value, customer behaviour, loyalty and purchase decisions. Where they come from, how they are formed and how to keep them. Each day takes a different aspect of the various approaches required to build a congruent CX strategy that delivers winning results and at the end of the course, the strands are brought together into a coherent strategy.

Delegates will leave the course with a clear and rounded plan for how to create and deliver world-class Customer Experiences that fuel growth and foster loyalty, in an age where online is reducing so many competitor offerings to commodities.

Day 1: What do they want from us? - Knowing the True Mind of the Customer
  • The TRUE meaning of value
    • Value Creation and Destruction
    • Value Migration
  • Behavioural Economics – we don’t think the way we think we think
    • Understanding habit and how it influences outcomes
    • Convenience and simplicity - How we ‘avoid thinking’
    • Heuristics and their role in brand-building
    • Customer Behavioural typing
    • Biases and fallacies and how to deal with them
Day 2: Delivering great Cx in the Face-to-Face situation
  • Rapport-building skills
  • Active Listening Skills
  • High-Gain Questioning Skills
  • The Science of Persuasion
Day 3: Delivering great Cx with technology
  • Effective use of Telephones to give great Cx
    • Customer-to-Operative
    • Customer-to-automation
    • The psychology of telecoms
  • Using eMail to give great Cx
    • The Spam to Value tightrope
    • Avoiding the junk folder
Day 4: Delivering great Cx with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • AI options in delivering great Cx
  • When to use AI, when NOT to
  • The ‘Turing test’ and why it is important
  • Automated does NOT mean impersonal
  • Automated yet relevant and intimate
Day 5: Putting your Cx Plan together
  • Situational Analysis – what problems are we trying to solve?
  • How do we currently do things
  • Which approach works best going forward?
  • How will we implement and execute?
  • Who will do it? When?
  • How will it be funded?
  • What in our culture will need to change, how will we do this?

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