An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Advanced Human Resource Management

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05 - 09 Dec 2021


US $ 4,950


06 - 10 Mar 2022


US $ 4,950


04 - 08 Dec 2022


US $ 4,950



Changing business environments more than ever demand creative solutions from International HR departments to ensure the strategic harmony within the business is maintained.

HR should be seen as having an important role to play rather than just an overhead cost. The challenge for how HR contributes to the business will demand a major rethink by the HR managers and staff and then equally as important how to measure that contribution.

This Advanced Human Resource Management training course focuses on:

  • Changes in Businessand the demands on HR
  • What HR Strategic Thinking is ‘and what it looks like’
  • Translating the HR Strategy into Meaningful Action
  • Examining Changes in Culture
  • How International HR functions now and in the future
  • Demonstrating how HR can benefit the Organisation

By examining the latest thinking including new models and the responsibilities associated with International and regional / local HR provision, this thought provoking EuroMaTech training course then considers the relationship between long term vision and the day to day activities in order to make informed decisions.

  • Develop your understanding of HR Strategic Thinking and its place in business
  • Experience new HR framework and understand the resulting organisation structural changes needed
  • Assessingthe existing position and develop future strategies including case study
  • Understand and use strategic models and implementation processes to deliver future based results
  • Understand and be able to deliver corporate programmes to initiate organisational cultural changes
  • Explore new motivational model(s) to re-energizing the organisation
  • Develop existing appraisal systems to produce measurable improvements in performance and competency performance- case study
  • Understand and be able to use your own creativity to improve HR performance
  • New approaches to pay and benefits
  • Explore knowledge management and the expanding role of emotional intelligence in tomorrow’s organisation
  • Creating added value to satisfy business key performance indicators
  • Human Resource staff who wish to consider future HR delivery
  • Managers who have an interest in performance improvement through people development
  • Managers who want to understand the value adding processes HR can offer in supporting the organisation
  • Line Managers wishing to explore options in the introduction of new pay and benefits system can change productivity
  • Employees wishing to pursue a senior career in Human Resources

This Advanced Human Resource Management training course will be conducted using a number of interactive techniques, facilitating the delegates’ group discussions and examining case studies along with appropriate inputs from the programme leader. This EuroMaTech training course will also take time to explore options, test benefits / potential pitfalls and various courses of action.

Finally, delegates will experience a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment, evidence suggests that delegates learn best and remember more in such an environment.


This Advanced Human Resource Management training course develops the essential knowledge / skills and concepts to successfully perform and succeed in the ever-changing Human Resource function. This EuroMaTech training course will also focus on examining the key attributes required of HR managers and their staff, in the provision of HR support in to the organisation in the most cost-effective manner and how to influence line managers to change their approach to interacting with the HR function to create win-win situations.

Day 1: The Critical Relationship and Alignment Between the Business and Human Resources
  • Global Change
  • Impact of technology on future businesses - case study
  • Need to change organisational structures- exert from TV programme
  • How changing internal and external customer needs will affect all current HR concepts
  • Where are you now? The HR change model - questionnaire and discussion
Day 2:  Strategic Models and Implementation
  • Strategic models - how they work - case studies
  • Mission statements, measurement toolsand monitoring progress
  • Strategic models for use within the organisation, and measurement
  • Creativity and innovation - their role in strategic thinking, including exercises
Day 3: Examining Corporate Culture – Measuring HR Business Benefits
  • How strategy is translated into business plans
  • The use of modeling to produce plans that can be measured
  • Creating HR quality plans –how to do it –practical exercises
  • Delivering measurable HR business benefits
  • Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail
Day 4: The Changing Face of International HR
  • Process re-engineering HR activities
  • The three-tier model for HR –benefits to the business
  • Managing and developing Human Capital
  • Developing, measuring and employing competencies in Performance management
  • Use of Corporateculture –how to develop a corporate culture template –practical case study and exercise
  • The changing function of recruitment,psychometric testing and Personality questionnaires
Day 5: Using HR as a Business Lever – Knowledge Management Application
  • Understanding rightsizing the organisation – an ongoing process
  • How pay and conditions can dramatically improve productivity – at no extra cost to the organisation
  • A new look at performanceappraisal- ensuring year on year improvements in competency and performance
  • How motivationcan change measurable results
  • Corporate communications- a new role for HR?
  • Managing trends – knowledge management, home working, predictive forecasting
  • Developing a personal action plan

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