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When your Contractor lets you down, will your contract stand up?

Delegates attending EuroMaTech’s new training programme, Contract Planning, Strategy and Claims Management have this week been able to explore the breadth and depth of key topics in the field of contract management, including how to limit the impact when vendors, suppliers and contractors threaten to walk away.

The training course has been running in Dubai and has been attended by participants from East Africa and the Gulf.

“This programme has a broad appeal that can be tailored to suit the knowledge and skills of delegates from many diverse backgrounds”, commented Bill Blakemore, the senior consultant who conducted the training.  “I deliver a portfolio of contract management courses, and what I like about this one, is that it is suitable for lawyers and non-lawyers, alike”.

“I really enjoyed the way delegates threw themselves into the many practical exercises. It demonstrated the value of a training programme that encourages active participation.  By getting involved in case study exercises these delegates will remember what we did this week. It also means they will have a better chance of being able to apply what they learned when they’re back in the office.” 

This week all the participants had a legal background, which meant they were able to explore some of the concepts quite deeply.  But it also meant that areas of contract management that usually fall outside the legal function were new.  The delegates learned many contract management principles and practices that most lawyers don’t get to see.

Among the topics covered this week were:
  • The legal framework of contracts
  • Making and using electronic contracts
  • Good and bad practices with letters of intent
  • How to use model contract templates in your planning
  • Handling the other side’s unfair contract terms
  • Managing the Variation of the scope of work
  • The role of bonds and guarantees in providing creditor protection
  • Methods of resolving disputes such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation

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