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What does the future hold for our business?

In the words of John Lennon, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” In a world of constant change, the challenge of strategic management is to predict future events before others in your market so that you win the competitive advantage. Furthermore, you need to build the flexibility of an evolving strategy as the world will continue to change.

The Art of Strategic Management looks at the formulation and implementation of strategy and introduces tools and techniques for those professional involved in “star gazing” the future trends and innovations of our business world. The course is not about one department or another, it is about the whole company and its future survival. A few years ago, top professionals proudly presented their badge of success – the Blackberry Mobile phone. Where are they today?

The Return of Investment is a powerful motivator,  as Rodger Pyrah, Senior International Trainer points out, “your business lives or dies on your strategy. Get it right and the opportunities are unreal, get it wrong and you fade into obscurity.”

Among the topics on offer are:

  • Strategy concepts
  • The evolution of strategic planning and strategic thinking
  • Follow the progression of strategic thinking in business, anticipate where strategy may next develop
  • A process for creating and updating strategy
  • Recognise how strategy is created and implemented at multiple levels of the organisation
  • Strategies for growth, profitability and value creation
  • Understand the key factors that make the difference between strategic success and failure
  • Relate Action Plans to strategic initiatives and individual performance

Together they provide a powerful toolkit to formulate strategy and manage implementation within your organisation to win that vital competitive edge and “win” a sustainable business.

Appropriately, the course concludes  with methods of engaging your organisation in strategic thinking and planning. Strategic Professional be prepared to be empowered.

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