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What do you do when materials required to support maintenance and operations are not available?

The key to cataloguing is in correctly and uniquely identifying the right materials required to support maintenance and operations. Good quality material catalogue deliver bottom-line benefits throughout the organization.

A good Material Catalogue makes maintenance more efficient and minimizes unplanned downtime. Not only does a good quality material catalogue assist in communication but it can help prevent unnecessary expense through the selection of incorrect materials, expediting, excessive stock holdings and rework.

A material catalogue is a complete list of spare parts and materials required to meet the operational and maintenance requirements of the business. These items include:

Spare parts, Raw materials and General consumables

Leading training providers EuroMaTech is conducting the ‘Material Cataloguing, Specifications & Storage Planning’ training course this week in Dubai.

Among the topics on offer are:

  • Essentials of Material Cataloguing, Specifications & Storage Planning
  • Technical Integrity of the Materials Cataloguing & Storage Planning
  • Commercial Integrity of the Materials Cataloguing & Storage Planning
  • Enhancing Materials Catalogue Management and Optimum Storage Planning
  • Materials & Storage Standards and Specifications

The catalogue is usually indexed by a “Material Number” and captures all data required to uniquely identify the material to ensure the correct material is ordered and the material is correctly managed through its lifecycle.

Appropriately, the course finishes with a proven method to accurately measure the cost of out of stock in supply chain management.

Do you wish to join in the next run of Material Cataloguing, Specifications and Storage Planning training seminar? Explore here.

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