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The Healthcare Operations: Cost Control & Productivity Management

Healthcare leaders and healthcare professionals attending our course from training leaders EuroMaTech in Dubai will learn how to lead their hospitals/healthcare facility in addition to cost control and Productivity Management.

The Healthcare Operations: Cost Control & Productivity Management training course looks at the current healthcare environment and how the healthcare organisations find ways to reduce operating expenses while improving quality.

Similar to any other major business problems, addressing the cost of healthcare may seem overwhelming and impossible to solve. Fortunately, there is a way to address the challenge of escalating healthcare costs that reduces the dependence on cost shifting and benefit cutbacks.

Participants attending this Healthcare Operations & Productivity Management training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Use the 10 ways to improve healthcare cost management
  • Increase costs for strategic decision-making capability
  • Explain the cost concepts used in product and service costing
  • Identify the different ways to calculate the true cost and understand the real cost to their organisation for delivering patient care

The Healthcare Operations: Cost Control & Productivity Management training course is appropriate for all Professionals working in healthcare/hospital who need to increase their knowledge in a better understanding of healthcare Operations, especially: Operations Manager, CEO, Quality Officer, Risk Management, Patient Safety …etc.

Among the topics on offer are:

  • Management Influence on Cost Behaviour
  • Cost Management Processes
  • Cost Volume Profit (CVP) Analysis
  • Make vs. Buy (Outsourcing)
  • Performance Improvement
  • Adopt benchmarking
  • Costs and Business Pressures
  • Lifestyle and chronic disease
  • Cost Shifting Versus Cost Management

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

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