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The Effective Accountant in an Evolving World

In the age of “the internet of things” and the rise of artificial intelligence, the traditional role of the internal effective accountant is threatened and constantly being questioned.

Against this backdrop, leading training and management consultancy firm EuroMaTech’s The Effective Accountant training course held in Dubai at the Grand Millennium hotel, aims to position the accountant as a critical role player in the execution of the organization’s strategic objectives.

“If accountants appreciate how they can proactively improve the operational outputs of an organization, it will help them to rethink their position and redesign the role of accounting within the organization”, said Daniel Steenkamp, EuroMaTech Senior International Consultant.

This entails a holistic understanding of the financial and non-financial needs for the end-users of accounting reports, both internal and external, and the rethink of the process and procedures that feed into the accounting process.

Topics covered include

  • How can you stay relevant in a continuous evolving era?
  • Is your accounting department aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization?
  • How can you improve the value added to your stakeholders?
  • How do you measure the performance of the accounting department?
  • Ensuring technical competency of the accounting department
  • Proactive budgets and forecasting
  • Interpreting results and comparing performance

The course is positioned to ask critical questions of the accountant and his role within the organization but will also empower the accountant with critical tools to execute within the organization and unlock the true value of the accounting department – all to the benefit of the bigger strategic vision of the organization.

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