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Strategic Thinking and Leadership for Engineers Training Course in Singapore

In Singapore, this week, Winston Chew facilitates an interactive program, “Strategic Thinking and Leadership Skills for Engineers” – using active learning style helping delegates to achieve the desired learning objectives: developing the ability to anticipate major shifts in the competitive marketplace and identify emerging opportunities.

Strategic thinking is important to a company’s performance and therefore participants attending this training course have been engaging in capacity building and enhancing core competency. Participants revisited past experiences at different levels and discovered those that contributed to the competence of their strategic thinking masteries.

Using highly interactive facilitation approaches, strategic tools application, participants were exposed to deeper comprehension of strategic analysis and processes.  Active learning approaches used in this training course have enabled participants to integrate knowledge and skills implementation. This training course will challenge one’s mind to become open to more options in making the most out of the organisation resources and market forces.

Self-transforming skills were seamlessly crafted into training sessions enabling participants to achieve long-lasting learning experiences, especially in the way they manage their own emotions as well as in handling the emotions of others.

Most sessions are “hand-on” learning experiences, aimed to strengthen strategic thinking, neutralise egocentrism, expose blind-spot, and rectify broken strategy in the pursue of becoming a strategic thinker and an emotionally excellent leader.

Participants will look forward to completing the program with the expectation that they would return to their respective workplaces empowered, and well equipped to recognize, and reform their gift and potential to their organizations and communities – saving them 5-10 years learning curve.

Participants would experience the following:

  • Appreciate the importance of leadership and strategic thinking in complex business environment
  • Assess and apply a range of leadership theories
  • Understand and apply key tools and techniques used in strategic management
  • Understand the principles of effective implementation of strategy
  • Effectively manage stakeholders and deal with organizational change
  • Enhance the leadership skills including setting direction, aligning people, motivating and inspiring
  • Develop communication and human interaction skills to effectively influence and empower people
  • Appreciate the differences in leadership and communication styles
  • Recognise and mitigate irrational influences on human behaviour
  • Improve group decision processes
  • Practice a tried and tested approach for influential business communication


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