An Intensive 2-Day Online Training Course

Adapting to and Leading Change

  • Format: Live / Online
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: KHDA,


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Successful leadership is about vision and managing change. This Adapting to and Leading Change online training course supports the organisation as it undertakes change to deliver its vision to improve their world-leading reputation and embrace innovation that will nurture skilled and resilient employees. Change is an ever-present and essential part of life, and the company needs to be a constantly evolving organisation. While this can make it a dynamic and vibrant place to work, change can present challenges for individuals and groups, and needs to be expertly managed if they are to realise the benefits of making changes at any scale.

This two-day online training course is aimed at V.P & Directors who face the challenges of leading and supporting staff through exciting, sometimes turbulent transformational change. It will look at the company’s ‘change landscape’ and the importance of developing a compelling vision and creating an environment that supports people through change. This demands that staff and wider stakeholders are engaged effectively throughout the transition to new ways of working. The online training course will include exploration of a selection of change management approaches and models.

Participants attending the Adapting to and Leading Change online training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Determining the need for change, triggered by on-going business analysis, changes to external conditions, identification of new opportunities etc.
  • Developing a case for change, including options, risks, and resource implications.
  • Communicating the vision for change, presenting a compelling narrative that sets out how the new situation will be better.
  • Developing a strategy and plan for change, having clear project management procedures, clear accountability, objectives, and timelines.
  • Managing the change process, seeking tangible benefits, and embedding new systems, processes and cultures into every-day activity.


Training Objectives:

This Adapting to and Leading Change online training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Provide an overview of the change process and steps leaders can take to successfully drive a transformation initiative
  • Understand the key drivers of change, both internal and external
  • Know how to formulate and implement change initiatives effectively
  • Enable the organisation to come to terms with change quickly and easily
  • Understand the core issues of motivation and the practical steps to take for effectiveness
  • Utilize techniques and skills to influence and persuade more effectively
  • Understand and lead the various change management approaches
Who Should Attend?

This online training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit

  • Team leaders faced with change
  • Managers implementing change
  • Heads of Departments
  • Project Leaders formulating & executing change
  • Leaders who seek to capitalize on strategic change
Training Methodology

The Adapting to and Leading Change online training course will combine presentations with interactive tutor led discussions, scenario studies, video inputs, and exercises through which participants will embark on a journey of practical discovery. Participants will be engaged and there is ample scope in the course design for reflection, discussion, and review. Case studies and exploration of a selection of change management approaches and models will be reviewed.

Training Summary

This EuroMaTech Adapting to and Leading Change online training course covers the essential and necessary skills to lead change initiatives and develop organisational competences. It supports the process of a transformation for the organisation to become one of the leading organisations in its field. Methodology and case study review to carry out root and branch changes across all departments, whilst attracting and promoting buy-in from staff. Participants will know the formulas for effective change management and how to secure outstanding results. They will be able to create powerful relationships around them to enable superior performance and competitive advantage.

Training Outline
Day 1: Change Management Engagement

People take on responsible for success or failure. Engaging stakeholders, involving staff in the planning and decision making, and communicating effectively are vital throughout the process.

  • Objectives & Strategy
  • The Change Curve
  • Formulation & Implementation of Strategy
  • What should we do when implementing change?
  • Where Change can go wrong – reactions & responses
  • The Critical Success Factors
  • Build trust and collaboration with staff
Day 2: Leading Change Effectively

Learning and providing opportunities for feedback will allow a dynamic, emergent approach that is likely to be more successful than one which is rigidly planned and implemented without flexibility.

The Essentials of Change:

  • Establish a sense of urgency
  • Form a powerful coalition
  • Create a Vision
  • Communicating the Vision
  • Empowering others to act on the vision
  • Planning for and creating short term wins
  • Consolidating improvements and producing still more change
  • Institutionalising new approaches, additional change model approaches



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