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Effective Supply Chain, Warehouse & Inventory Management Training Course in Dubai

In today’s competitive environment, the best supply chain will win. The chain that offers the highest value to its customers at the most efficient cost will have the competitive advantage. This requires an in depth understanding of the individual Supply Chain elements, key optimisation and efficiency for each and ensuring that there are robust links between each element and inventory management so that they integrate seamlessly and efficiently to deliver optimal cost and fulfill the organizations promise of value. This Effective Supply Chain, Warehouse & Inventory Management training course covers essential skills that are necessary to plan, execute and control the Supply Chain and the Warehouses and Inventory within it.

By attending this unique course on Effective Supply Chain, Warehouse & Inventory Management, you will gain many solutions for your current job which will include the following subjects:

  • How organisation supply and demand chains work
  • Understanding the needs of the customer and the supplier
  • Setting up the infrastructure
  • Advance Planning and Optimisation
  • Catalogue methodologies within Warehouse
  • Inventory decisions in Supply Chain
  • Forrester effect and Inventory management model
  • Key functions of a modern warehouse
  • Utilizing warehouse management systems
  • Measuring warehouse performance
  • Effective utilization of bar coding
  • Effect of lead time on the forecasting process
  • Utilizing consignment inventory
  • Methods of reducing stock levels
  • Moving to supplier managed inventory
  • Reducing excess and obsolete inventory
  • Measuring inventory management performance
  • Linking the Supply Chain Processes with Procurement and Operations

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