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Being an Outstanding Office Manager and Administrator in a Multi-Dimensional Work Environment

These days’ office professionals are being asked to extend their know-how and responsibilities way beyond the scope of the traditional administrative or office management staff.  Everything from event and project management, budgeting and finance to copy writing and media design can now land of the plate of an experienced office manager.

Office Professionals are the ultimate multi-taskers and are often a P.A, secretary, office manager and administrator all rolled in to one.  Add to this, the incredible pace at which technology and innovation is affecting the workplace and the volume of output required, even the best of office managers can start to feel overwhelmed in the face of it all.

A great office needs a great office manager.  One that is confident and competent at managing themselves, their tasks, their time, and can work well with staff from all levels of the organisation.

Like any professional, if you value yourself and want to keep on top of your game, you need to invest time and focus to keep up with the latest innovations in the workplace, gain new perspectives and keep your motivation high.

If you feel ready to turbo boost your office management skills and make a greater contribution to your team and company, then we are waiting for you.

EuroMaTech, one of the regions long established and leading training and management consultancy firm, offers a comprehensive course designed especially for meeting the growing training needs of the multi-tasking, multi-talented office professional in a multi-dimensional work environment.

Our Office Management & Effective Administration Skills Course is being held in Dubai and will cover many essential topics including:

  • Managing yourself, your time and your emotions with ease
  • Communicating confidently, handling conflict and difficult people
  • Keeping yourself and your team highly motivated
  • Planning, project management and problem solving
  • Writing skills that get you heard and respected as a professional
  • The A – Z of planning, running and attending meetings
  • Streamlining your office procedures, layout and going green

Whether you are new to the role, or have years of experience to bring to the table, this highly interactive and original course will revitalize your professional life.

Do you wish to join in the next run of Office Management & Effective Administration Skills training seminar? Explore here.

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