Understanding that Some Things Never Change

Process Engineering continues to move forward with new advances and integration with other engineering disciplines in areas such as pump design, heat integration, control of systems, materials of construction, improved design safety, better reactor design, more efficient distillation packings and columns, cheaper separation technologies, all enabling tighter or higher production specifications and lower unit cost of production. Whilst the processes we design and operate are being built on larger and larger scale, they are now subject to more and more rigorous environmental standards, and companies look to conduct their operations “sustainably” which therefore alters some of the design objectives and targets.

Nevertheless, the basic principles underpinning process engineering remain unchanged – everything begins with a mass and energy balance, processes are constrained by fundamental laws of chemistry and physics, safety is uppermost in our minds. Many of the oil and gas processes continue to be based around distillation. There is no single right answer to optimising the design and operation of a chemical or oil and gas process – but understanding the essentials goes a long way to enabling us to approach the optimum for your process. Whether you require a refresher in some of these fundamentals, or whether you come from a different engineering or professional discipline and want to familiarise yourself with chemical engineering principles.

This EuroMaTech training course in Process Engineering for Non-Process Engineering Professionals focuses on the core areas of process engineering, including transportation and transformation of solids, liquids and gases, safety and risk, separation processes particularly distillation, heat transfer, hydraulics and fluid flow, reaction engineering, and process control and economics and guides the delegates in developing both fundamental and practical understandings of these key aspects.

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