Right to Know, Need to Know

Health and Safety are core elements in every organisation. A Manager, a Section Head, a Supervisor or a member of the staff, all have both a ‘Need to Know’ and a ‘Right to Know’ about the best ways to manage and operate these core issues of Health and Safety.

Every Safety Management System aims at continual improvement. In order to continually improve, training and retraining are essential. Over time memory fades, poor habits may be formed and new methods and technologies may be not known. Training and retraining are part of the competency cycle. In Health and Safety if competencies are not maintained accidents will increase and the profits of the organisation will fall (accidents cost money). It is interesting to note that U.S. Companies pay $62 Billion per year for Workplace Injuries.

Any incident not only harms the person directly harmed but also the Manager, Section Head or Team Leader and the reputation of the company. No employee – no family – should have to wonder whether today will be a safe day at the workplace.  Everyday should be a safe day. All employees must return home every day without any harm.

After an incident it is self-destructive to have to make a statement that starts with “If only we had known and done it differently”. Never be complacent and keep the maxim “Right to Know & Need to Know”.

EuroMaTech has a large portfolio of Health and Safety online and face to face training courses suitable for your staff, either as development training, competency improvement training or refresher training because your staff have the Right to Know & Need to Know.

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