Pigging of Crude & Gas Pipelines

Pigging of Crude & Gas Pipelines is not an easy task to control and manage the site. You need to understand all the technical and powerful tools to help you have a strong and reliable management with a good follow up with control.

The Pigging of Crude & Gas Pipelines tools were calibrated and adjusted to suit the flow conditions and the operating parameters of the pipeline.

At the end of run, the inspection tools were received in good mechanical condition. The data collected was downloaded and processed onsite. It was confirmed that the data recorded covered the whole length of the pipeline and is suitable for further analysis to determine the integrity of the pipeline.

This training course, “Oil Movement, Storage & Troubleshooting Management and Operation of Oil & Gas Terminals,” we learn more about a preliminary list of anomalies which may be used for field verification purposes. These anomalies include The MFL tool velocity and temperature profile, The MFL magnetization and sensor loss profile, and a suggested verification procedure and verification forms.

Also, you will learn, in case it is difficult to measure the distance from the reference points, “Position of Feature,” may include in-between reference points. The following may be used as in-between reference points:  Short pipes or bends; Wall thickness changes or changes of pipe types; Repair shells, sleeves, clamps, CP points, insulation joints; Other pipeline features, such as casings, swamp weights, ground anchors.

In this training course, you learn and practice the contained in and how look likes the report is supplied on a preliminary basis and as such, is subject to change as further analysis is conducted. We are confident that you will learn many skills from this course Oil Movement, Storage & Troubleshooting Management and Operation of Oil & Gas Terminals, and we are looking forward to you to join us.

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