Kill your Unmanaged Documents Nightmare

After coming home, finishing a long workday, you had some rest but suddenly received a phone call from your coworker. He is shouting I have been staying for extra 4 hours to finish this overwhelming report. He added, I need to know “where is the updated document xx?”. I really need to use it now. You thought a little bit and remembered the place you kept it in your account under folder recent. No this was the older version. Yes, in my VIP contractor’s folder under my documents folder. Just five minutes later he is calling again and telling you again “but how I log into your account?”. Documents and records Management. 

Oh no what a problem this is a repeating dilemma, I do not like to share my account with others. He should have his own document version. you tell yourself. Should not he know how to get the file should not he leave me alone. Anyway, I have to sleep now, what is worst I have a bad nightmare I saw myself in my office struggling with all documents there was like a small fire and every important document was going to burn we are going to lose all our knowledge we have about our customers, vendors, contractors, even my and our timesheets how they going to pay me. we did not plan for backups.

You wake up what is really scaring is not the nightmare or your after-work received calls but rather unmanaged and unorganized documents and records the price is going to be much and almost increasing a bouncing snowball.

This course of Advanced Documents and Records Management Compliance will solve all such problems. Especially when data and knowledge become the main concern.

Once you have your data ready, available and protected no one is going to stop you from exceling in your business and start optimizing and enhancing business processes rather than struggle finishing them.

Five days will transform your business and trigger you to enhance the business processes, first day will enlighten you about strategies what should the business care when it deals with documents and records. And informs you as well about related standards. Second day will define all needed components like indexing and classification. Third day will be your way of releasing how computer programs and software can be used to recordkeeping as well as replace your index cards manual systems. Fourth day is a realistic means of how to plan and implement all what you need including security controls, standards compliance monitoring tools, policies, processes and training courses and awareness raising means. Fifth day will demonstrate a number of case studies to learn from the success of others as well as avoid the pitfalls and problems that burden their success. Within the five days, a number of workshops with fun activities will be practiced emphasizing how managements steps can be put down to the earthز

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