It’s Time to Re-think Leadership

Re-think Leadership. When was the last time you wrote a handwritten letter, placed it in side an envelope and walked it to the post office?

It was probably a long time ago, right?

Now, it would be to slow, an unproductive use of time, inefficient. The truth is times have changed and things have moved on.

We are living in an age where technology is changing rapidly. Geo politics is changing the around the world and social norms and values are being adapted and challenged worldwide. The ability to be flexible and open to change & be bold enough to try new things used to be left to the young, whilst those with more years experience could stand loyal and proud to our old ways of working.

But it is time to wake up to the new business reality. The days of earning a degree and then riding on it for the next 30 years are over. The new generation of workers live in a world that is very different to when we entered it. Their needs are different, their expectations are different, their aspirations are different, their financial future is different, even their values are different.

So, it’s time to admit. If the world has changed so much, the way people want to be led is different and that means that we must freshen up ideas on leadership.

Studies have shown that most business leaders are out of touch with the needs of their employees. Employee engagement studies around the world are showing that employees are feeling less engaged in their jobs than ever before. People are simply feeling that their leaders no longer understand their complex needs and are stuck in the past.

Worldwide, most senior managers are in their 50’s and many are just hanging on to their jobs. Comfortable and inflexible. Some have even lost their passion for their work but know that to move to another company would damage their retirement income. Some say that they are not able to leave – leaving a generation full of ideas, passionate for change unable to rise through the ranks and being left feeling under challenged, unappreciated and without hope of ever rising to the top.

It is time to re-think leadership.

It’s time to revitalise our senior managers.

It’s time to re-ignite passion in in our organisations.

It’s time to engage and challenge the next generation.

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