How well do you get on with people?

Are you any good at telling the future? How well do you get on with people? These are the two fundamental challenges of the modern manager. Not only do they have to predict the future, but they also must lead and align their people with these forecasts in order to achieve corporate sustainability. Its like a game of “hide and seek” – the future “hides” whilst the team “seeks” to find each goal in order to achieve the safety of “base “or Vision.

Many organisations approach team alignment by setting a company mission and vision. But this often fails to motivate team members. The key is to help individuals understand how they personally contribute to the bigger picture and this is often overlooked. For instance, when there’s a cut off between the organisation’s vision and team members’ personal connection to it. That’s why any approach to strategy alignment needs to influence a range of different information and tools to help staff uncover why, how and what they can do to help achieve what the company wants.

In today’s increasingly unstable environment, the ability to respond quickly and effectively under uncertain conditions is critical to ensuring a business’ long-term success. Creating purpose driven teams must be always committed and aligned to achieve a goal. It is important that individuals generate their high standard, own personal meaning.

By increasing these terms of feedbacks from team members and leaders, you can elevate the rate which teams tend to respond in changing market conditions. Team members who have a clearer understanding of what they’re trying to achieve and the environment that they find themselves in are empowered to take independent action. The more they familiarize and align to team goals the possibility they will achieve these goals bigger.

Building configuration within a team is much simpler said than done. By attending EuroMaTech’s Managing People & Strategy training course, you will achieve the perfect alignment of team goals with your corporate strategy.

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