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Many articles and research have been produced on the subject of Recruitment and Selection. However, fundamentally what makes the Recruitment process difficult to deliver and achieve the best possible outcome for both the individual and the recruiting company is two fold. Namely the demands placed on specialist skills and knowledge which need to be readily available and coordinated during the recruitment process.


Having been involved in recruitment for junior, senior and director roles, this has given me the opportunities to experience and value the in-depth application of the most appropriate recruitment process for junior and more senior roles in many international organisations.


It has been my experience that International companies have found to their cost that inappropriate Recruitment and Selection decisions will create significant problems for the business and the individual. This usually results in ’back fixing’ performance issues for the individual and reassessing the way forward.


Therefore, the use of real life case studies taken from international companies across different sectors is included by design to embellish the learning for the delegates.

Additionally, research has shown there is empirical evidence by employing the latest Recruitment and Selection techniques will, without a doubt, significantly increase the likelihood of recruiting the best possible candidate for a specific role.


This training course is designed to connect the relationship of the varied approaches to recruitment. It is important to appreciate that achieving expertise in every aspect of recruitment would be impossible in one week.

Therefore, delegates will examine and experiment with a number of the techniques used in recruitment.


To complete the process, the delegates will understand the relationships in what is and what isn’t possible to be delivered by the organisation and whether outsourcing should be considered as a solution.


Topic areas will include, but not restricted to;


  • Mapping out the whole selection process.
  • Selecting the right tools and techniques for different campaigns.
  • Coaching and practice in both targeted and behavioural interviewing
  • Use of competency frameworks to frame the recruitment opportunity.
  • Application and use of social media,
  • Introduction, benefits and pitfalls of Psychometric Instruments
  • Constructing technical and management interview questions
  • Developing the assessment team(s)
  • The use of Assessment Centres
  • HR management and administration of applicants
  • Objective v’s subjective decision making.
  • The offer process and on-boarding activities.
  • Reporting back to the organisation along with recommendations on the way forward


The course will be presented in a relaxed atmosphere to enable delegates to absorb as much information as possible. This in turn will place the delegates in the position of being able to make informed decisions on where and when to use which technique in a professionally delivered recruitment process.

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