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Projects Management & Compliance: Planning, Scheduling & Control

What tools are used in starting projects? What is involved in planning & scheduling a project? Once the decision has been given to proceed how do we monitor & control the project? What if things don’t go to plan? What do we do when the project has been delivered?

These questions, and many more, will be answered in this exciting 5 day programme to be delivered in Dubai

EuroMaTech’s Project Management & Compliance: Planning, Scheduling & Control training course explores the entire project life cycle – designed to apply approaches to project or task of any size.

This programme addresses both the “hard” skills and the “soft” skills required by project managers to plan and control projects. The “hard” skills are the technical “mechanics” of managing a project, while the “soft” skills deal with the human issues, – ultimately, it is people who deliver projects

In this programme you will learn how to:

  • Align project objectives to your organization’s strategic objectives
  • Utilize tried and proven project management tools to get the job done on time, within budget and in accordance with requirements
  • Work through a proactive approach to risk that will give you a clear understanding of both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis

This event will benefit project managers, project sponsors and indeed all people who participate in a project environment, frequently engaged in the start up, planning, and execution of project tasks, in order to deliver projects comprehensively and timely.

At EuroMaTech we use Senior Consultants like Andy Rayner.  As a project management specialist, Andy delivers entertaining, high quality, value added training events on-site for corporate organisations or via our open training courses. His 30 years of experience has been gained across the whole project lifecycle and industries include oil & gas, engineering & construction, investment, banking, retailing, manufacturing, government departments & sporting entities. Andy is an Associate Fellow Tutor at the University of Warwick, UK.

We invite you to take a look at the EuroMaTech website to view the dates of this and other courses being run in exciting venues.

Do you wish to join in the next session of the Projects Management & Compliance training course? Explore here.

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