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How can you improve the impact and quality of your training materials, resources and learning aids?

Designing clear, content-rich and credible training materials is essential for any successful live or online training course. Thus the topic of a five-day course run by EuroMaTech, this week led by International Consultant, Mr. Graham Robert Phelps. This interactive and practical training programme will help training and HR professional to design, develop and deliver more effective training materials, learning resources and course documentations. This means being able to increase the impact and quality of training and its results in less time and with less budget.

The course will cover many topic areas, including:
  • An instructional design process and how/when to use it to create traditional or blended learning solutions
  • How to set clear goals and design objectives when designing and developing training materials
  • How to work out assessment criteria, standards and method for learning and training success
  • How to structure and present written material for use in courses and workshops
  • Creative design of learning activities, games, exercises, examples and case studies
  • Skills for the development of effective presentation material, workbooks and manual
  • How to create learning activities, presentation and other materials to develop cognitive domain abilities – thinking skills and knowledge awareness
  • Greater understanding of learning methods in use today
  • Criteria to use in deciding whether to hire a contractor, buy ready-made or make your own e-learning materials
  • Creation and application of quality controls for testing and piloting of training materials
  • Design, construction and use of valid and reliable assessments within training material design
  • How to identify the most appropriate methods and media for effective training materials
  • Creating the outline for a solution using a visual storyboard, creative brainstorming and other methods
  • How to choose your preferred authoring tool and justify the choice
  • Create a personal development plan based on the above skills

Together they provide a powerful toolkit to design and develop all forms of learning materials – presentations, workbooks, online modules, video and audio learning, quizzes and assessment and many more.

Appropriately, the course finishes with a proven method to accurately measure the impact and effect of learning and training activities on both individual’s and organisational performance.

Do you wish to join in the next run of Training Material Design and Development training seminar? Explore here.

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