Using Financial Analysis to Gain Strategic Advantage

Accounting & finance departments are usually ripe with valuable information in the form of huge volumes of numbers and financial data. This treasure of information is, however, hardly utilized by companies at its full potential. This leads to one of the major causes of poor decision-making, and thus getting companies vulnerable in front of the stiff competition. In today’s fast paced business world timing & quality of decision-making is everything and can often lead companies towards make or break situation.

Companies who merely rely on producing monthly, quarterly and yearly and hope to out beat the competition are living in an unreal world. In fact, preparing financial statements are just a first step towards the actual potential they carry. Having financial statements and not utilizing them through proper analysis is like utilizing computer as a calculator. Success in financial management goes by the internationally recognised name Accounting and Finance, and is considered as a must for anyone taking up employment in business or administration

Companies striving to gain strategic advantage, must look forward to institute a cultuFinancial Analysisre of analyzing information to the best of their advantage. Financial information when analyzed through time tested techniques, can produce marvelous results for companies and businesses of all types. 

Historical financial information and forecasted data coupled with smart financial analysis can provide valuable insights to assist in developing strategic decisions like, acquisitions, expansion, new projects, product roll outs and investment opportunities.

With timely and effective financial analysis companies may gain strategic advantage by executing well-informed and data driven decisions on timely basis.

After carrying out a financial analysis, senior management and investors can better determine whether to:

  • Shut down part of a company or keep it going. It might also help people decide whether to sell it.
  • Go ahead with a project. The analysis could also help decide whether to change some aspects of a proposed project.
  • Get a bank loan or issue shares to increase the company’s working capital.
  • Lend capital or invest in a company or project. In other words, become either a creditor or partner.
  • Buy or rent/lease production machinery.

Given the extensive role of Financial Analysis in business, attending a relevant course could be of great value.

EuroMaTech is providing a high-quality training and learning opportunity with Financial Analysis: Evaluation, Budgeting and Decision Making to become an effective financial Analyst capable of making sound decisions for your personal and organizational benefit. The training course will improve your ability to strategize, plan, monitor and control the performance of your organization and investments.

Key topics we cover include:

  • Utilizing financial statements to evaluate the financial and strategic performance of an organization
  • Appreciation of discounted cash flow (DCF) techniques and their application to financial decision-making
  • Identifying key success factors, early warning signs, and financial momentum signals in your own industry sector
  • Understanding of EVA (Economic Value Added), RONA (Return on Net Assets) and other indicators, as performance metrics
  • Framing the value creation/destruction process in mergers and acquisitions from the market’s perspective and recognizing signals from the market to management
  • Building a realistic budget, under a base case, upside and downside scenarios
  • Identification and utilization of financial and business data sources that give insights into business and financial strategies

Looking to make meaningful business decisions and wish to gain strategic advantage in your industry? Allow the Financial Analysis: Evaluation, Budgeting and Decision-Making training to do exactly that.

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