Presentation Skills using NLP

Presentation Skills using NLP is an exciting method which is different from all other Presentation Skills training. When it comes to the structure and sequence, you will need some way of keeping your audience’s Mind alive and motivated for as long as a few hours sometimes. When we run our 5-day Presentation Skills using NLP program, we have techniques where we keep Minds alive and kicking for over 60 hours. One of the tricks of keeping Minds interested is the NLP system, which will make sure your Presentation appeals to all the different types of Minds in the training room. Then we show you how to use open loop metaphors to use instructions in the Mode of Story-Telling.

We show you the Methods that use your body (Body Language) to give your audience all the information it needs (Non-Verbal), and how to Anchor emotions of the audience to your Body Language and use them in a correct way. It is indeed one of the more rewarding experiences in life to stand up in front of an appreciative audience and make them excited and happy. And the skills required to find your own voice and style with your audiences can definitely be acquired by you. Yet, while many people see Public Speaking as something they want to enjoy doing, it continues to rank amongst the top fears Presenters or Public Speakers have.

If this describes you, we’d like to show you how you can get past those fears with minimum pain, and maximum fun and gain. Getting from Fearful to Fearless can be utmost easy. Even if you’re not one of the many people who aren’t comfortable in front of any audience, there are a variety of well-known methods for Public Speaking that use outdated and inefficient training methods that, despite their good intentions, take far too much time to master. This is not just a pure Presentation Skills training. It uses state-of-the-art accelerated learning processes.

The first thing that people assess is how they Emotionally relate with us. And this is shaped by a whole range of factors including our:

  • Style
  • Appearance
  • Confidence
  • Demonstrated grasp of our subject
  • Respect for them
  • Professionalism

All these and more are presented in our Presentation Skills using NLP training course. Register now!

This EuroMaTech training course seeks to develop your Presentation Skills to a higher level using NLP techniques. As you undergo this workshop, you will realize that making corporate presentations is not as difficult as it looks. You will gain the necessary confidence to come up on stage and engage your listeners, and surprise yourself in the process.

Delegates attending this EuroMaTech course on “Presentation Skills using NLP” will take away invaluable knowledge that can and should be used in their own organizations’.

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