Mastering Business Data Collection, Analysis and Presentation Training Course

Mastering Business Data – Effective use of business data, information technology and various analytical methods helps professionals gain improved insight into their business issues and helps make better informed decisions.  Tools and techniques presented in Business Data Collection Training Seminar can be applied across many areas in a wide variety of organisations to improve stakeholder satisfaction, enhance return on investment, mitigate business risks and improve planning.

This training course covers the foundational knowledge necessary to collect reliable business data and conduct comprehensive analysis to help maximise organisational value. The Mastering Business Data Collection, Analysis and Presentation training course is focused on the enhancement of essential knowledge and skills and equips participants with a toolbox of ideas and methodologies for effective data collection and analysis.

Participants on the Mastering Business Data Collection, Analysis and Presentation training course will develop the following competencies:
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem definition and business needs analysis
  • Business data collection, including design of questionnaires
  • Business data analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Management problem solving and decision making
  • Influencing stakeholders through persuasive communication

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The training course is structured to balance theoretical and practical hands-on considerations from business analytics. This stimulating learning experience provides participants with opportunities to apply their knowledge in practical problem solving in specific business situations.

We explore good practices of business research and data collection, including tips for asking the right questions and asking the questions right. Then we move to a discussion of common data analysis tools and their application in specific business situations. The next section of the training course focuses on option analysis and development of practical recommendations. The objective of the last section of the training course is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to communicate business information and deliver business presentations and reports with real impact.


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