LV, MV and HV Circuit Breakers Training Course

This highly participative EuroMaTech training course is designed to provide you with the skills to understand how circuit breakers are selected for specific applications, and how they are designed, installed and safely operated in industrial process plants, particularly in the oil and gas, mining and minerals processing and heavy industries.

This training course is interactive and encourages delegates to participate through questions and answers, along with opportunities to discuss with the presenter specific issues which may result in appropriate solutions.

Participants will develop following competencies by understanding:

  • Practical Circuit Breaker Design and Operation to Ensure Safe and Reliable Application
  • The Differences with Other Circuit Control and Isolation Devices
  • The Different Types of Circuit Breakers used for LV, MV and HV Applications
  • The Importance of Selecting Circuit Breakers for the Fault Level of the Application
  • Control and Protection
  • Typical Circuit Breaker Configurations in Switchrooms and Switchyards
  • Typical Switchroom, Substation and Switchyard layouts
  • The Installation, Commissioning and Testing 
  • The Operation and Maintenance 
  • The Cause and Consequences of CB Faults

This training course covers many details that relate to CB and Switchboard / Switchyard Design and Installation, from basic principles to the complex application of this equipment in large plants and facilities, including their Operation, Maintenance and Fault Finding.

It is designed to be beneficial for professionals with an electrical background who require a detailed understanding of CB and Switchgear for their work or project execution.

Please click here to review the published outline for the outline of this training course and seminar. Need further information or would you like to register on “LV, MV and HV Circuit Breakers” training seminar in Dubai between 30 Sep – 04 Oct 2018?


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