Logistic and Transport Management

EuroMaTech is shortly to run an exciting, stimulating and broad ranging course in Dubai on Logistics and Transport Management. The course is of five days duration and will be facilitated by Tony Evans, a Senior Consultant with EuroMaTech.  Tony Evans has a wealthy experience in this field having managed distribution centres for retail and the military over a number of years, besides operating large transport fleets in a number of countries.

The course will consist of an examination of how logistics fits into the supply chain of the organisation and how transport can be improved in your organisation.

The operating performance of an organisation is directly affected by the quality of the Logistics and Transport functions so these have to be run in an efficient and effective way.  There are a number of areas that will be discussed in the course under the heading of Logistics including procurement, inventory management, warehousing and transportation. The course also examines some detail in the negotiation skills and tactics necessary to obtain your requirements in all of these areas.

This EuroMaTech Logistics & Transport Management training course is focused on the most modern techniques for the improved management of the flow of materials into and through the organization, including the internal flows in the important area of the warehouse.

Warehouses and stores are often under-rated operations in organisations, yet they are essential in providing customer service where supply chains have to respond quickly to the changing demand of the market in order to maintain their competitiveness.

There is often conflict as organisations want to reduce their costs of operation but have to meet the needs of their customers.  One of the ways to improve warehouse and inventory efficiency is to use a Warehouse Management System which is discussed in this Logistics and Transport Management course.

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