Interpersonal Skills and People Management Skills

Leadership has been fast changing and adapting in the past ten years; leaders recognize the need to effectively manage both task and people in the process of achieving the objectives of the organization. For the newly promoted leaders, they often discover that the excitement of their newly appointed leadership position would soon vanish and instead what await them would be a gamut of challenges of managing the taskforce.

More often than not, positions of leadership are being appointed fundamentally based on job-related technical skill competence with the hope that people-related skills would develop overtime organically.  Unfortunately, often the lack of interpersonal relationship skills and people managing skills are often the key contributing factors to an unpleasant workplace environment.

Interpersonal skills refer to one’s ability to read the feelings and emotions of other people and having the motivation to engage and relate appropriately resulting in healthy communication and harmonious working relationship. Once team members have successfully honed their interpersonal skills, shaping their attitudes and consolidating their values, the results would be a cohesive high-trust high-performance team. In any organization, it would take transformational leadership skills to shape a team of loosely associated employees to become their top-notch star performing team. This could appear to be a daunting task for the unequipped and fledgling leadership, at times overwhelming leading to discouragement and low team morale, thus affecting efficiency and productivity.

People management skills goes beyond interpersonal skills, it underscores one’s ability to deal with different personalities and different types of people. It calls for leadership quality that inspire team contribution, motivating team performance, and resolving team conflicts. Effective people management skills facilitate productive collaboration among team members and departments. It keeps project management and people development in the healthy balance without sacrificing one for the other. A delicate leadership skill indeed, which is definitely not suited for the faint hearted, nor for those undecisive or the narcissist personality.

The good news is that interpersonal skills and people management skills can be developed and mastered with tutorial-mentoring-coaching integrated training programs. Our program is not only knowledge-based and skill-based but highly therapeutic and effective when personal development is customized through our qualified professional trainer-coach-therapist. Join us by registering to this Emotional Intelligence: Innovative Leadership and Corporate Teamwork training course to learn more skills here.  

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