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Almost every company I am aware of recruiting candidates into their organisation at some point in time. Bearing in mind the process of recruitment can take many forms with a questionable level of success.

What I would describe as a successful recruitment outcome would be the new recruiting settles and procedures that are well in the organisation and in a matter of months, their performance will improve especially with their particular role.

The scenario I have described is an excellent result for the recruitment team, have they done their job well? Was it down to luck or good judgement?

This highly interactive training course is a result of over 30 years’ consultancy experience in recruitment at all levels in organisations including graduates, middle and senior managers and development activities, experiencing the highs and lows with real case studies to enhance the learning.

Back in the 1980’s I was introduced to the Behavioural Event Interviewing Process by means of participation in a leading edge process. This project literarily started using a blank piece of paper to develop a structure to interviewing and a competence model to briefly:

  • Understand what attributes the ideal candidate would need to carry out the role fully and well.
  • How to construct what was needed in the process of recruitment.
  • Produce objective information (removing any subjective data) to create relevant information to aid in the to the decision making process.
  • Use data gathered in the recruitment process (any weaknesses or requirements to be developed) to enhance the induction period and going forward in the organisation
  • To train managers and anyone else who might be involved in the recruitment activities.

The behavioural or structured interview as it is called today is only part of the process when recruiting, other tools and techniques would include:

  • HR Interview
  • Technical Interview
  • Presentations
  • A Problem Solving activity either in a group or individual basis (or even both.!)
  • Psychometric testing an area needing special attention, but extremely valuable to unlock additional information or to compare / challenge conclusions in other parts of the recruitment process.
  • Giving constructive feedback, providing this is common practice in individual organisations.

There will be the opportunity to sample and examine at least three types of competency frameworks, examples of all of the above tools and techniques, along with open sessions for raising questions and exploring various issues. As I have found in the past the opportunity to test ones understanding is invaluable, this helps to support the key conclusions during the time spent together.

You may be surprised to find I have left out CV and References from the list of tools and techniques. That’s not to say they don’t have a role to play, but I would like to have the opportunity to explore my theories with you on these two points during your time on the course. I look forward to meeting you in due course.

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