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How important is Health and Safety in Engineering Projects?

Engineering professionals attending a new course entitled “Health, Safety & Environment in Engineering Projects” from training leaders EuroMaTech in Dubai this week learn how Risk Assessment and Safety Culture are essential tools in preventing workplace disasters. Using a series of case studies and syndicate exercises, the Health and Safety in Engineering Projects training course covers essential skills such as understanding the causes of HSE failure within an organization and learning how to avoid them. The course is provided by our Senior Consultant, Michael Ellerby, who is from England.

Risk Assessments are used to predict how industrial incidents occur, and to determine what steps can be taken to prevent the disasters and to mitigate the consequences. Engineering Projects often involve working at the margins of knowledge and experience, and so more detailed analysis is required. The use of Bow Tie Diagrams helps to visualise the risk assessment process and assists an understanding of routes of failure.

A positive Safety Culture within an organisation increases the resilience of an organisation and creates a shield against failure. It ensures that workers at all level are able to challenge paths that may lead to disaster.

Among the topics on offer are:
  • Causes of Industrial Disasters
  • Environmental Issues
  • Risk Assessment
  • Accident Causation
  • Accident Investigation
  • Safety Culture

Together they provide a powerful toolkit to allow organisations to avoid Industrial Disasters and other related failures.

The course builds the knowledge of the participants so that that they can play an active role in ensuring the Health and the Safety of all workers.

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