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Would you ‘fake’ news?

In Dubai this week EuroMaTech’s Public Relations and Corporate Communications training course examines some of the great challenges for communicators in our complex world.

Fake news is in the news; information that isn’t accurate or true. Some critics believe that all PR people are ‘spin doctors’ who twist the truth. The codes of ethics of the profession command PRs to practice with integrity and truthfulness.

Even if that were not so, it is very dangerous in this age of the internet to stray from the truth. ‘There is a huge public appetite for Wikileaks type stories’ said Course leader, Derek Prior. Inside most journalists is a  Pulitzer Prize winner waiting to be discovered. The hint of anything false would fuel their determination to discover the truth’.  Conversely, he argues, admitting difficult truths takes away the majority of the risk. Yes, you will have a negative story but then the moment passes.

Social media plays an increasing role in our lives. This is the arena where reputations can be won and lost.  Our programme explores strategies to make best use of this potential of these channels and to advance the cause of our organisations. There is a glorious opportunity to learn more about our many stakeholders and to develop continuing dialogue with them. In the process, our organisations will adapt and evolve to better meet their needs.

Great PR is about great communication and that is a two-way street.

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