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Data Privacy, do we know what we get in a tradeoff

We live now in the age of digital, everyone is in one way or another connected to the internet and we bask at the opportunities to use the modern telecommunication methods, to present ourselves in the best way possible, and let us be honest to also use the opportunity to brag a bit to the wide audiences.

This is the positive and a bit naïve way of looking at the way most of the people use the internet and social media, and we hoped it would stay this way forever, alas it was not meant to be.

The people, in the beginning, was more than ready to surrender their data to the global platforms as they have seen these global platforms as the way to shout out to the world, and like with any promise, the grass was greener, and the sky was bluer on the other side. This all came crushing down, as the realization came that people are being treated only like the elements of the data lake, that our posts and data are being harvested, analyzed, traded, used and unfortunately abused in order to determine the patterns of our behavior, to develop marketing campaigns, to persuade us what products to buy, to determine our whereabouts, to create an all-seeing “big brother”.

The previous sentence reveals the two opposite powers of the digital age, and as they say, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

It is not all song and dance, but it is also not only pitch black, the point is that the digital age has provided both the people and the governments and industry with the tools and methods to express their opinion, to post about their lives, as well as to increase the level of service, enhance the quality of products and services, provide safety, security and the voice to many of the people who would be left on the outskirts of society. At the same time, the data that is gathered can be abused, and in a lot of cases, it is.

However, we must understand that this is a tradeoff and the main question is what is the main return, what do we get in return for the piece of our privacy.

If we do not want to carry a lot of paper or plastic, even not to carry the money, to reduce our time of waiting in lanes, as well as reduce the waste created by continuous printing of different bills, receipts, tickets etc. and get all of those things done through our phones, or even fingertips or facial recognition, we have to agree on giving a piece of our privacy to the entities which are providing us with these.

To be able to protect our privacy, we, therefore, require the governments to define the legal framework for privacy protection, as we want to reduce and eliminate the abuse of our private data.

And thus the fine line will be created and maintained, and we would be able to always get more in return for the data we give.

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