Making Use of Leading Edge Techniques to Recruit the Very Best People

If any busy manager out there takes the time to reflect, I think they would agree that the world of business operation has changed dramatically over the last five to ten years. The same can be said about the topic of Recruitment. Key Recruitment techniques are essential for the growth of any organization.

Much has been written about recruitment, the ‘importance’ of getting it right etc. However, Recruitment is not a ‘run of the mill process’. Increasingly, businesses need to get more from their employees and wonder why there are difficult performance issues to deal with almost on a daily basis. To have a mixture of practical, real-life case studies and competency-based activities interspaced with well-designed inputs, is absolutely the correct approach to take to develop competent managers associated with the process of recruitment.

The problem starts before the process is even started, and can be split into three key areas:

  • The Person Specification, unless this is absolutely clear with what you are looking for – if you want a Red Ferrari then make sure you get one!
  • The Tools and Techniques available now to aid the search for the right people are in a common place, however, using the right one(s) is an art form in itself
  • Individual managers or anyone involved in the recruitment process must be competent themselves, otherwise you may need to look again for that Red Ferrari

EuroMaTech’s Advanced Recruitment Psychometric Analysis and Assessment training course has been cleverly designed to examine all three key areas, or processes in some detail. The training course design will significantly increase the likelihood of getting the right people into the organisation.

Over five days, the training course holistically examines the latest thinking and techniques involved in the recruitment process, deciding where and when managers might best use which technique or tool, along with planning the development of others back in their organisations.

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