A Crucial Factor in Making Sure the Right Project Delivers

Have you noticed that your projects don’t seem to deliver what stakeholders expected?  Is it any wonder, when often, the stakeholders don’t actually know what they need – or even want?

Imagine that you were asked you to go to one end of the company car park and then run as fast as possible towards the other end.   After a few minutes, a whistle blows, stopping you where you are, and then instructing you to run the opposite way.

Frustrating?   Absolutely….    Now, imagine if this was to happen over and over again. Eventually, you’d not only be exhausted, you would be frustrated.   Cheesed off by the consistent, meaningless instructions – and for what?   Soon, you will be refusing to run as instructed because you now no longer trust that whoever is leading you actually has any specific plan or objective in mind.

This sense of being pushed and pulled in all directions – without any broader context or sense as to whether you are making progress or not – happens in too many organisations, with executives trying to impress; making decisions designed to allow us to compete with competitors or keep up with market trends, but in reality are just causing chaos!

EuroMaTech have developed a new training course to introduce delegates to the basic of business analysis and how it can be used, while learning via a hands-on-approach, the different tools that will help organisations and investors to ensure that what is delivered, matches the needs of the users.

Business Analysis has taken a paradigm shift in the last few years; with huge investments made in developing internal knowledge and integration channels.  It’s a tool that will help us avoid those expensive “white elephants” and deliver fiscal success.   Add to this mix, the number of tricky financial periods we have had in the last decade and the number of projects or initiatives that we still attempt, we recognise why the need for business analysis has grown.  There are now a number of innovative approaches and techniques available; all providing an avenue to help achieve the optimum outcome for any business solution.

Business Analysis is a fundamental prerequisite to successful solution of business problems and enhanced return on capital investment. Bigger challenges, bigger investments, higher risks of business projects are combined with overwhelmingly complex economic conditions, high uncertainty and increasingly demanding stakeholders.  The key to success in this environment is understanding the business need and translating it to a clear set of requirements.

Let’s stop running in all directions with no clear goal, let’s head towards sensible, profitable suggestions that will satisfy all of our stakeholders….

Check out our courses for 2020 at www.euromatech.com/training-plan-2020.

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