An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Private: Career Development and Succession Planning Strategies


Recently conducted research has concluded that over 60% of organisations have no process for succession planning and fewer than 12% have company-wide succession planning aligned with their business strategy or connected with other talent or career development processes.

This new and highly interactive programme will enable delegates to consider methodologies and strategies associated in successfully engaging in their own or managing others career development and succession planning aspirations.

The programme is designed to provide the opportunity to experience and consider your own personality and motivational factors, creating insights and tips on possible career paths/types of activities and environment(s) you may find both interesting and stimulating in the future.

A well-considered and effectively implemented succession planning strategy is fundamental to creating a flexible and sustainable business.

  • Why it’s crucial to have a succession management process organisation wide
  • Understanding motivation factors can motivate but also de-motivate
  • The impact the manager can have in the role of a coach
  • Explore the connection between career development and annual appraisals
  • Raise self-awareness by considering personality traits
  • The use of change management models and strategies
  • Executives who conduct career path analysis and succession planning recommendations
  • HR  Professionals accountable for the introduction/management of career development and succession planning strategies
  • Personnel who conduct annual appraisals and contribute to resource management
  • Managers who are responsible for leadership and capability building to deliver their  business strategy
  • Professionals who operate across business planning functions
  • Business Planners

The programme uses presentations and interactive exercises, supported by materials, activities and case studies. Delegates will be regularly encouraged to participate in order to deepen their understanding in the topics presented during the week, this in turn will emphasise the links between the programme and individuals work situation.


Top-level succession planning is critical, but it’s only one part of the whole process; this programme looks at the essential elements that make up career development from the point view of an individual and team at all levels in the organisation.

Crucially the programme makes the connections between succession strategies, career development tools and techniques including objective, assessment based assessment.

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