CPE Credits
OM 100
09 - 13 Jul 2018
US$ 5,500

Marine Cargo management is all about reinforcing knowledge on Terminal Operations, Ship to Ship, Truck to Ship, Shore to Ship and operations that are carried out in accordance with all relevant national and international maritime legislation, local regulations, and the insurance industry best practices. All those involved in the successful transportation of cargoes – including ship owners, charterers, traders, insurers, insurance brokers and port agents – will need to have a firm grasp of the complexities involved in handling marine claims particularly liquid cargos.

EuroMaTech’s Marine Cargo Master Class: Insurance, Surveys and Technical Claims is a practical training course covering a wide variety of maritime incidents and commercial problems. With a focus on Liquid and Gas Cargo, the course is designed to highlight main issues with these incidents and guide participants on how to best resolve them. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how best to manage marine insurance claims with surveyors and other practitioners. The training course will ensure operational processes and workforce perform up to the highest standards and expectations achieving a competitive advantage in the marine bulk and liquid cargo industry. The course has an emphasis on insurance, surveys and technical claims for specialists within the maritime cargo industry, wishing to enter into or develop a greater understanding of the complexities in the marine bulk and liquid cargo insurance and claims industry.

Participants on EuroMaTech’s Marine Cargo Master Class: Insurance, Surveys and Technical Claims training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Identify procedures for the handling, loading and discharging of bulk liquids and cargo
  • Learn updated international guidelines and regulations concerning tankers and terminals including physical properties and types of cargoes
  • Increase your operational efficiency understanding of oil and gas storage and transport
  • Understand the complexities of Insurance, Technical Claims and General Average
  • Develop awareness for Quality & Quantity risk & loss, and learn prevention techniques
  • Improve compliance, safety and environmental performances
Who Should Attend?  

EuroMaTech’s Marine Cargo Master Class: Insurance, Surveys and Technical Claims training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:  

  • Oil/Gas and Bulk Liquid Cargo suppliers, traders and distributors
  • Ship owners and operators
  • Superintendents and safety officers
  • Technical and operations executives
  • Charterers and traders
  • Ship brokers
  • Port and terminal operators
  • P&I club and marine insurance
  • Offshore Vessel and FPSO Owners and Operators
  • Oil Majors, NOCs and Independents
  • Ship Superintendents and Safety Officers
  • Ship Officers and Crews (Master, Chief Officers, Chief Engineers etc)
  • Loading and Mooring Masters
  • STS Service Providers
  • Liquid Cargo and Bunker Surveyors
  • Ports and Terminal Operators
  • P&I Inspectors and Executives
  • LNG FSU Owners, Managers, Operators
Programme Objectives  

Participants on EuroMaTech’s Marine Cargo Master Class: Insurance, Surveys and Technical Claims training course will:

    • Understand cargo transfer operations from both ship management and terminal perspectives
    • Understand the trade routing and cargo management options for cargos
    • Consider and select the best options for vessel types and containment systems
    • Examine the impact of various design codes and guidelines on ship and shore transfer management
    • Better manage supply transportation contracts and shipping documents
    • Examine incidents and evaluate tanker safety, associated risks and requirements.
    • Become familiar with Cargo’s, Terminal, vessels, operations and STS equipment
    • Enhance understanding of Ship-to-Ship transfer equipment, design and maintenance
    • Familiarise the differences of Person in Overall Advisory Control, Mooring Master and Masters of the Ship
    • Establish a useful methodology in reducing risk regarding technical claims


Training Methodology  

EuroMaTech’s Marine Cargo Master Class: Insurance, Surveys and Technical Claims training course will equip participants with a detailed practical grounding in Marine Cargo Handling, terminal and operations technical claims. Theory based and delivered in a practical method, including factual case studies from around the globe and in a workshop format, participants will learn practical tools and techniques that can be utilised to manage commercial and operational insurance risks more effectively.

Programme Summary  

EuroMaTech’s Marine Cargo Master Class: Insurance, Surveys and Technical Claims training course will cover Marine Cargo Loading and Unloading operations on Tankers, Chemical and Gas carriers, Management of Ship Shore operations, role and responsibilities of a Loading Master, Cargo documentation and Calculation, Marine Cargo Insurance and Technical claims management. The training course will also cover the technical aspects and practical operational and commercial considerations from pre-fixture activities (voyage planning and cargo management) through transportation, terminal operations, tanker loading and discharge procedures and custody transfer measurement and calculations.

Day 1 - Marine Cargo: Survey, Safety and Preparations
  • LNG/Oil Carriers main types
  • Membranes
  • Technical comparisons and Containment systems
  • International Gas Code vessel descriptions
  • International Safety Management, basic requirements and training
  • Safety Management Systems
  • International Ship and Port Security Code
  • Tanker Management Self-Assessment
  • SIRE inspection system
  • Marine Cargo Surveys Roles and responsibility of terminal in LNG cargo transfer
  • Terminal loading and discharging
  • Ship-to-Shore and STS operations interfaces
Day 2 - Marine Cargo Handling
  • Cargo Transfer checklists
  • Cargo Transfer equipment
  • Cargo hazards, safety and risks
  • Ship to Ship to shore
  • Ship to Platform
  • Hazardous Goods Claims
  • Ship to Ship
  • Marine Survey requirements IMO/Flag State
  • Ship connected transfer systems and tandem configurations
  • System Uptime considerations of effective operations
  • Case Study – Typical Terminal Oil/LNG Operations



Day 3 - Liquid Cargo
  • Loading Arms – Technology, terminology, and designs
  • Cryogenic Hoses, testing and types
  • loading procedures alongside
  • Ramp up, loading and ramp down, actions and precautions
  • Vapour pressure control
  • Recent industry incidents highlighted
  • ESD 1 and 2 Design Codes and Operations
  • Required crew training and preparations
  • Hazards and Risks
  • Ship and shore requirements
  • Preparing for the future incidents
  • Safety Management Systems and Options
  • Case Study – LNG Spill Technical Claims Management
Day 4 - Custody Transfer of Liquids and Insurance Claims
  • Insurance Claims for Shortage of LNG Cargo – Statistics
  • Overview of LNG Supply Chain
  • ‘Boil-Off’ During the Voyage and Insurance
  • Owners’ Insured Warranted Performance
  • Insured Charter parties for the Carriage of LNG Cargo
  • Examination of the Contractual Allocation of Risk under LNGVOY Insurance
  • Insurance Controls to Prevent LNG Cargo Shortage
  • Sampling and Certification Custody
  • Transfer Guidelines of Terminals Ship and surveyor roles
  • Types of Custody Transfer Measurement
  • Flow measurement and custody transfer flow metering, types
Day 5 - Technical Claims: Case Studies
  • How to avoid
  • Technical and structural audits and failures
  • Tests and precautionary measures
  • Ship construction terminology and methods
  • The effect of improper loading and hazardous goods
  • Structural inspections of cargo and containers
  • Material failures aboard ships
  • Metallurgy tests and case studies of failures – Analysis and testing techniques
  • How to report, evaluate and take appropriate action
EuroMaTech ImarEST Registered Courses

EuroMaTech is proud to be a Marine Member with IMarEST (Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology). IMarEST is the first professional institution to bring together marine engineers, scientists and technologists into one international multi-disciplinary professional body. It is the largest marine organisation of its kind with a worldwide membership of over 18,000 individuals based in over 120 countries. With IMarEST’s collaboration, EuroMaTech is working within the global marine community to promote the scientific development of marine engineering, science and technology, providing opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices and upholding the status, standards and knowledge of marine professionals worldwide.

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