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The Importance of Power and Distribution Transformers

In this modern era the continuous supply of electrical power energy is essential and any form of power outages due to transformer failures are not acceptable. The Power & Distribution Transformers training course, conducted this week by leading training providers, EuroMaTech, looks into the construction, operations and maintenance of the power and distribution transformers. All the components in these transformers are scrutinized with regards to its functionalities and reliability.

Power and distribution transformers maintenance incorporates the use of sophisticated and state of the art testing, measuring, analysis and diagnostics instruments. These instruments forms the backbone of a reliable and secured flow of electrical power energy.

In line with reducing the carbon footprint for the environment, new technologies have emerged to do just that. The migration of the traditional mineral oil as cooling and dielectric properties to the ester based oils has successfully created inroads for the future of all power and distribution transformers.

Among the topics on offer are:
  • Construction of transformers
  • Function of the components in the transformers
  • Maintenance strategies
  • Maintenance free on load tap changers
  • Dissolve gas analysis and breakdown voltage test
  • Characteristics of ester base oils
  • Merits of ester base oils
  • Testing instruments
  • Sweep frequency response analysis and tan delta tests

The above topics will enhance the knowledge and upkeep of transformers installed and ensures safe operations of the transformers.

In conclusion delegates will propose the new technologies they gathered from the training course this week and recommend to their management for the optimal performance of their transformers installed at site.

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