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EuroMaTech constantly strives to achieve success through our training courses and the positive feedback/ testimonials from clients encourages our commitment to meet their training requirements.

Testimonials - EuroMaTech
Salem Abdullah Salem Botalaf

The advantage of the course was that it covered what I needed for my work and it increased my knowledge regarding inventory.

  • material cataloguing specifications and storage planning
  • 22 - 26 Dec 2019
Testimonials - EuroMaTech
Saranya Ratanakoses

This course helps to broaden my knowledge in wider pictures of Oil and Gas business, the sample and exercises given was interesting and practical.

  • upstream petroleum cost trends benchmarking
  • 16 - 20 Dec 2019
Testimonials - EuroMaTech
Sulaiman Moh’D Abdulmohsen Almulaifi

Very related to my job, I gained a lot of information that I can use in my current job.

  • contract planning strategy and claims management contracts management professional
  • 15 - 19 Dec 2019
Testimonials - EuroMaTech
Ahmed Amer Sulaiman Al Abri

The course is excellent, and it covers many aspects of our work. The trainer has wonderfully delivered the course.

  • marketing communications and brand management
  • 15 - 19 Dec 2019
Testimonials - EuroMaTech
Esraa Al Fallah

Good refresher course and I learned a lot about the business strategy.

  • sstrategic financial planning and implementation
  • 02 - 06 Dec 2019
Testimonials - EuroMaTech
Saleh Salem Mohammad Almarri

Very useful for my present work. This training is a very good course. 

  • 24 - 28 Nov 2019
Testimonials - EuroMaTech
Christopher Ocuwun

This training had a very relevant discussion and examples related to the work I do. 

  • public relations professional public relations and corporate communications
  • 17 - 21 Nov 2019
Testimonials - EuroMaTech
Salem Hassan Khalifah

Very dynamic course with a very creative speaker who kept all of us hooked to class.    

  • treasury and cash management
  • 17 - 21 Nov 2019
Testimonials - EuroMaTech
Akitunde Subair

The training course is very advantageous for non-project / non-contract managers.

  • contracts administration from award to completion achieving the objectives of the contract
  • 05 - 09 May 2019