An Intensive 3-Day Online Training Course

Validation & Control

  • Format: Live / Online
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: KHDA,


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As digital technologies transform the role of finance, accountants and finance leaders need to become effective business partners. The finance function is evolving to meet growing demands from the business and is increasingly expected to take on a value-added, ‘business partnering’ role, to help other parts of the business improve their analysis and decision-making.  

This highly participative online training course covers the validation and control of business partnering and how to develop effective system and processes to lead change and achieve the strategic objective of business partnering.  

This training course will help you to develop the skills necessary to influence businesses and deliver strategy in a changing environment, in addition you will learn how to build strong relationships, translate data into insight, and influence decisions.

Participants attending business partnering online training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Becoming a good business partner
  • Building strong rapport fast, the foundation of influence
  • Effective communication to carry a persuasive message across to others
  • Using advanced tools to validate the requested information
  • Supporting management in developing action plan and monitor it



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Training Objectives

This Validation & Control  online training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Delivering finance business partnering solutions
  • Gaining a clear understanding of the sources of information and its validation
  • Developing effective engagement with stakeholders
  • Improving reporting and performance techniques
  • Developing control plan to implement the strategic objectives effectively
Training Methodology

The business partnering : validation & control  online training course will combine presentations with interactive practical exercises, supported by video materials, activities, and case studies. Delegates will be encouraged to participate actively in relating the business partnering to the needs of their workplace.  

Training Summary 

The business partnering: validation & control online training course covers the fundamental of business partnering , and the tools and techniques to develop the effective system and process . It also covers the essential knowledge to control the activities and operations and the guide to measure the performance depending on the best practices in business partnering. 

Training Outline
Day 1: Fundamental of Business Partnering
  • Understand the business & organization environment
  • Know your regulator
  • Assessing organisational circumstances
  • Build a relation with Internal & external Stakeholders
  • Gathering Internal & Extremal sources of Information
  • Using management tools to validate the information gathered
  • Developing an action plan through assessment of the financial department
Day 2 –Developing Effective System & Process
  • Building an Effective Finance Business Partner Team
  • Build a realistic picture of where the organisation is now
  • Improve reporting & performance management tools
  • Lean/Six Sigma approaches are worth considering
  • Apply rigorous procedures to software selection
  • Maintaining the benefits of system and process change requires discipline
  • Using consultants to provide an outside perspective
Day 3 – The Control Guide of Finance Business Partnering
  • Setting the polices & procedures of business
  • Identify the needed tools of Finance Business Partners
  • Emphasize accountability and metrics
  • Performance Management control:
    • Cost leadership
    • Budgetary control
    • Performance appraisal
    • Risk Management
  • General Security Checks
  • Business Partner Due Diligence
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