An Intensive 5-Day Online Training Course

Treasury Operations

  • Format: Live / Online
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: KHDA,


16 - 20 Oct 2023 Live/Online US $ 3950 Enroll now

Treasury departments are facing unprecedented challenges in the form of market and economic volatility as well as fraud and the need to implement new payment systems and meet increasing demands for liquidity and profitability.

This online training course will provide delegates with detailed knowledge of the major challenges and the new systems being introduced including TMS, ERP, PSD2, API, as well as Blockchain, Data Visualization & Open Banking. In addition delegates will develop the skills necessary for hedging risk using a variety of derivatives.

This EuroMaTech online training course will feature:

  • An evaluation of market and economic risk 
  • The latest international financial developments
  • Best Practice in Hedging & Treasury Operations
  • The Analysis & Evaluation of Case Studies relevant to your role and organisation
  • Discussion of the very latest issues and techniques



Euromatech is a Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) approved training institute in Dubai, licensed and approved to deliver training courses in the UAE.

The KHDA is the regulatory authority in the UAE, that oversees administering, approving, supervising, and controlling the activities of various education providers in the UAE.  We are proud of our commitment to ensuring quality training courses and status as a KHDA-approved training provider.

Taught by our team of highly qualified trainers, our KHDA approved training courses will provide you with an enriching learning experience and practical knowledge that will help you future-proof your career and support professional development within your organisation.

Training Objectives

By the end of this online training course, participants will be able to:

  • Outline the current and future challenges facing Treasury
  • Recommend strategies to manage the challenges identified
  • Optimize Liquidity and Working Capital
  • Evaluate various Payment Systems including PSD2 & API
  • Hedge risk using a variety of financial derivatives and strategies
Who should attend?

This online training course has been specifically for those with an interest in Treasury Operations. It is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will be tailored specifically to meet the needs of professionals from the sector, in particular:

  • Treasury officers
  • Finance officers
  • Risk managers
  • Auditors
  • Operation managers
Training Methodology

This EuroMaTech online training course will utilise a variety of proven highly interactive adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented.

A particular feature of the training course is the Analysis & Evaluation of Case Studies relevant to your role and organisation enabling successful knowledge and skill transfer.

Training Summary 

In examining the various roles, functions and responsibilities coupled with the essential tools, techniques and skills necessary for efficient treasury and cash management functions within an organization, each participant will recognise and appreciate the cumulative, progressive approach to the learning of the programme topics.  In addition, each participant will gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies associated with treasury and cash management functions, thus providing for future individual meaningful participation toward their respective organisation’s continued profitability and success.

Training Outline 
Day 1: The Treasury Function 
  • Role & Scope of the Treasury Department
  • The Importance of the Treasury Function
  • Treasurer Role & Responsibilities
  • Centralised & Decentralised Treasury
  • Treasury as a Cost Centre & Profit Centre
  • Regulating the Treasury Function
Day 2: Current & Future Challenges Facing Treasury & the Organisation
  • Market & Economic Volatility – Interest Rates, Exchange Rates & Commodity Prices
  • Treasury Management Systems (TMS) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • The Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain)
  • Data Visualisation
  • Open Banking
Day 3: Optimising Liquidity & Payments  
  • Liquidity Management
  • Netting & Pooling – Cash & Treasury Management within multi-nationals
  • Payment Systems
  • The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) 
  • Cross Border Payments
  • Application Programming Interface - From FTP or SWIFT to API
Day 4: Optimising Working Capital  
  • Measuring Working Capital
  • The Cost of Maintaining Working Capital
  • Reducing Working Capital to an Optimum Level
  • Managing Accounts Receivable
  • Managing Accounts Payable
  • Cash Management
Day 5: Hedging Strategies 
  • Hedging, Speculation, Arbitrage and Securitisation - the purpose, benefits, and risks
  • What are Derivatives ?
  • Hedging & Trading using:
    • Forwards & FRA’s.
    • Options
    • Futures
    • Swaps
  • Credit Default Obligations & Credit Default Swaps
  • Exotic Derivatives: Swaptions etc.
  • Controlling Derivative Trading
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