An Intensive 5-Day Online Training Course

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Operational Excellence

Obtaining Superior Performance through Collaboration


15 - 19 May 2023 Live/Online US $ 3950 Enroll now
20 - 24 Nov 2023 Live/Online US $ 3950 Enroll now

Supplier Relationship Management has become a critical enabler of business performance, whether in the public or private sector, with the potential to drive both value and reputation. To compete and survive in an ever-changing environment, the role of your supply base and the way you engage with, and manage, your key suppliers must change too.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) combined with Operational Excellence allows organisations to effectively manage those suppliers who are important to you and unlock value. It also includes developing Strategic Collaborative Relationships (SCR) with the critical few suppliers who could make a profound difference to your business, both now and in the future.

Participants attending the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Operational Excellence online training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Segmenting the supply base and identifying important and strategic suppliers
  • Describe and apply different approaches and interventions for important and strategic suppliers
  • Manage relationships with key suppliers across the entire business
  • Understand the importance operational excellence
  • To identify how a strategic supplier can help drive business growth or create competitive advantage

This Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Operational Excellence online training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • To measure supplier performance
  • To identify ways to increase procurement efficiency
  • To develop a strategic sourcing strategy that achieves tangible results
  • To review critical supply strategies
  • To manage a strategic relationship
  • To develop joint working approaches for strategic relationships to collaborate on key initiatives

This Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Operational Excellence online training course is aimed at those working in a Supplier Management role and / or within a Supplier Management process whether at a technical, operational, supervisory or managerial level, especially:

  • Operations Personnel
  • Warehouse and Supply Chain Management Practitioners
  • Procurement and Purchasing Professionals
  • Professionals in Logistics Functions
  • Warehouse and Distribution Officers / Supervisors
  • This online training course may also be of interest to Project / Business Professionals and Business Process Owners

Delivered by a world-class subject matter expert in Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Operations Management, participants will increase their competencies through a variety of instructional methods, individual and team exercises, group discussions and specific team assignments covering the main topics presented in the online training course.  This is a highly interactive and competitive EuroMaTech online training course where the participants will work and compete in team exercises; whereby all participants will learn how to manage relationships with key suppliers across the entire business through operational excellence.


This EuroMaTech Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Operational Excellence online training course covers essential skills such as creating competitive advantage and reducing supply chain risk.  It will focus on joint working with the critical few suppliers who can make a dramatic difference and help realise competitive advantage. This EuroMaTech online training course is designed to help equip practitioners to identify those suppliers that are the most important, unlock value and reduce risk from these.

Day 1:  Understanding the Supply Chain
  • Overview of supply chain functions within the organisation
  • Securing innovation from the supply base
  • The golden rules of supply chain management
  • Supply chain models and types
  • The global supply chain and operations integration
Day 2:  SRM and Strategic Collaborative Relationships
  • Introduction to the principles of SRM
  • The importance of the buyer / supplier relationship
  • Developing the SRM strategy
  • Collaboration and joint working
  • Motivating suppliers and continuous improvement
Day 3:  Principles of Operational Excellence
  • Objectives of Operations Management
  • Alignment of organisational operations and functional strategies
  • Core Operational Principles
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operations Management – Tools and Techniques
Day 4:  Goals and Objectives of Supplier Management
  • Key roles and responsibilities
  • Identify and agree deliverables from suppliers
  • Aligning the goals with the procurement strategy
  • Involving the relevant stakeholders
  • Identifying risks and their impact / probability
Day 5:  Supplier Collaboration to Achieve Operational Excellence
  • Transforming the supplier relationship
  • Supplier evaluation criteria
  • Appropriate supplier methodologies
  • Total Cost Approach
  • Shrinking the supplier base
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