An Intensive 3-Day Online Training Course

Pumps, Compressors and Turbines

Design, Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

  • Format: Live / Online
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: KHDA,


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This EuroMaTech online training course will provide a comprehensive understanding of equipment operating characteristics. It will introduce delegates to essential types of mechanical equipment, including positive displacement and dynamic pumps and compressors, motors and drives and their associated systems and components. The applications of these equipment’s will be discussed along with their suitability for different operational duties and selection criteria. In addition, this online  seminar will focus on associated equipment including packing, mechanical sealing systems, bearings and valves.

This online training course will focus on maximising the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of this equipment by providing a thorough understanding of the characteristics, common problems, condition monitoring and maintenance criteria related to machinery and equipment operation.

This EuroMaTech online training course will feature:

  • Pumps and pumping systems
  • Compressors and compression systems
  • Motors and Variable Speed Drives
  • Discussion of associated equipment such as mechanical seal design, bearings, & valves
  • Condition monitoring and Predictive Maintenance techniques
Training Objectives

By the end of this EuroMaTech online training course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the different types of pumps & compressors, & learn about selection, operation & maintenance strategies.
  • Operate pumps & compressors as close as possible to the design efficiency & monitor their availability & reliability.
  • Identify & learn about associated components such as mechanical seals & bearings & identify their failure mechanisms.
  • Condition, monitor and troubleshoot pump and compressor problems.
  • Specify, operate and maintain fluid movers (Motors) and drivers (Variable Speed Drives).
Who should attend?

This EuroMaTech online training course is suitable to a wide range of Technical professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Professionals in Maintenance, Engineering and Production
  • Those with little or no prior formal background who function as Managers, Planners, Inspectors, Designers, Researchers, Investors or Procurers
  • Those who are or will become involve at any stage in project applications and applicable maintenance technologies
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Turbine engineers
  • Mechanical technician and supervisors
  • Operation engineers  
Training Methodology

This Pumps & Compressors – Design, Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting online training course will combine presentations with instructor-guided interactive discussions between participants relating to their individual interests. Practical exercises, video material and case studies aiming at stimulating these discussions and providing maximum benefit to the participants will support the formal presentation sessions. Above all, the course leader will make extensive use of case examples and case studies of issues in which he has been personally involved.

Training Summary

This EuroMaTech online training course is suitable to those who wish to update themselves on mechanical equipment including pump and compressor technology, judge the suitability of different types of pumps and compressors, drive equipment and associated components for their needs, and learn how to operate and maintain them for the benefit of their organisations. 

This online training course will discuss operation, maintenance and component installation for pumps , compressors and turbines after finalize this course the delegate will be able to maintain and operate these equipment’s in professional manner and will increase technical awareness.

Training Outline
Day 1: Pumps and Pumping Systems
  • Pump categories and selection - dynamic and positive displacement
  • Pump Theory of Operation - governing fluid laws and performance curves
  • Dynamic Pumps - centrifugal, axial, mixed flow
  • General Performance Characteristics - cavitations, net positive suction head
  • Positive Displacement Pumps - reciprocating, rotary
  • Engineering of System Requirements - fluid type, system head curves
Day 2: Compressors and Compressor Systems 
  • Positive Displacement Compressors - reciprocating and rotary
  • Dynamic Compressors - centrifugal, axial, mixed flow
  • Compressor Operation - gas laws, operation curves
  • Compressor Performance Measurement and sizing
  • Compressor Equipment
  • Surging and Choking

          Associated Mechanical Equipment

  • Mechanical Seals
  • Bearings
  • Faults associated with bearings and mechanical seals
  • Lubrication
  • Control Valves
  • Example
Day 3: Turbines Operation and Maintenance
  • Characteristics and Operation of Gas turbine
  • Starting and Speed Control of power turbine
  • Speed control methods of steam and gas turbine
  • Construction, Enclosures and cooling methods of Power turbine
  • Basic principles of AC Variable-Speed Drives (VSD's)
  • Electromagnetic Interferences, Cable Details and Filtering
  • Fuel control in power turbine
  • Control system of the power turbine
  • Axial compressor operation and blade designs

        Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Types of maintenance
  • Factors affecting pump, compressor and motor maintenance
  • Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring
  • Electrical Signature Condition Monitoring
  • Thermal Imaging condition monitoring
  • Oil Analysis
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