An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Process Safety and Risk Management of Highly Hazardous and Explosive Chemicals

  • Format: Classroom
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English



This Process Safety and Risk Management training course will enable attendees to better understand the principles of the Risk Management Process within the Process Industry and how to apply Risk Assessment systems to all activities that have the potential to impact upon Health & Safety, Production, Asset, Environment and the company’s reputation. Risk Management is the fundamental basis for ensuring that all Risks within an organisation have been considered and assessed with control measures implemented to achieve ALARP (As Low as Reasonable Practicable).

The EuroMaTech training course will give participants a greater understanding of the Process industry and the inherent hazards associated in managing and maintaining a safe system. At the conclusion of this training course, delegates will have the knowledge to:

  • Recognise the differences between, Hazards and Risks and understand different Risk assessment techniques
  • Understand the Standards within the Process Industry
  • Identify external influencers
  • Improved understanding of Operating Procedures, SOPs and Safe Systems of Work applicable to the Industry
  • Coach and influence people for an improved safety culture
  • Value the role of Quantified Risk Assessment and Major Hazards within the Process Industry
  • Understand the basics of Environment Protection & Risk Management Plans
  • Understand the human contribution to accidents
  • Recognise difference between Hazards, Risks and where HAZOP fits within the Risk Management cycle
  • Define what is Process Safety Management (PSM) and who is covered by the standard
  • Develop skills for applying Risk Management techniques relevant to the Process Industry
  • Understand Major Hazards within the Process Industry, including Fire, Explosion and Toxic release
  • List the elements of the PSM standard
  • Explain how Process Safety Culture will affect PSM in organisations

Previous experience with applying and implementing general Risk Assessment is advantageous as is knowledge of the Process Industry.


The Process Safety & Risk Management training course is intended for all personnel involved in Process Industries such as:

  • Production
  • Project
  • Process
  • Mechanical
  • Control
  • Maintenance
  • HSE

This EuroMaTech training course is also beneficial for personnel involved in implementing the Company’s Health & Safety Management System.


Delegates will learn by encouraged and active participation during the training course through the application of blended learning methodologies, including; Presentations, Exercises, Group discussions and Video presentations. Delegates are encouraged to contribute their own experiences throughout the training course. A number of case studies are used throughout the duration of the training course which summarises the inherent need for a greater understanding of the risks and hazards associated within the Process Industry.


The Process Safety and Risk Management  training course aims to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of Process Safety Management and Risk Management principles and to apply the skills and knowledge in the application and implementation of Risk Assessment analysis to all aspects of the Process Industry. The training course also provides insight into human error in relation to incidents and accidents and provides effective tools for the promotion of a positive ‘Safety Culture’ or ‘Risk Culture’ in the organisation.

The EuroMaTech training course also looks at advanced Incident / Accident Techniques and Root Cause Analysis based on Fault Tree Analysis. Delegates will have the knowledge to enable them to apply the skills learnt throughout the training course at a practical level to implement the company’s’ Health and Safety Management System.

Day 1 : The Baseline (Safety Management System)
  • OHSAS 18001 and OSHA’s new initiative for a Safety & Health Program Management (Guidelines)
    • Management Commitment and Employee Involvement
    • Worksite Analysis
    • Hazard Prevention and Control
    • Safety and Health Training
  • Control, Communications, Co-operation and Competence
  • Safety Culture
  • Behavioural Safety
Day 2 : The Frontline (Process Safety Management)
  • Introduction to Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • Disasters in the Process Industry: What went wrong / What have we learned
  • Risk Management Program (RMP)
  • PSM Standards
  • Employee Participation
  • Equipment, Technology and Hazards of the Process
  • Mechanical Integrity
Day 3 : Risk Assessment in the Process Industry – The HAZOP Study
  • Advanced PHA methods within the Process Industry
  • HAZOP Study Methodology
  • HAZOP Study Procedure
  • Case Study 1 – Element (Node) selection
  • Case Study 2 – Simple HAZOP
Day 4 : Process Safety Management and Process Hazard Analysis
  • Management of Change
  • Safe Systems of Work (SSW)
  • Incident Investigation
  • Introduction to BP Texas City Refinery Accident
  • Environment Protection and Risk Management Plans
  • PSM Summary
Day 5 : Putting it All Together
  • Case Study Scenarios
  • Delegate Group Activities
  • Summary and take homes
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