An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Private: Formulating and Delivering Manpower Planning Strategies

(Manpower Planning Specialist)

  • Format: Classroom
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English



The creation and deployment of a Manpower Planning Strategy has been proven to have a direct correlation with the long-term ‘heath’ of International Businesses to continue to grow and compete globally.

This programme will consider how to maximise the use of resources in order to develop the right people at the right time for the future demands of the organisation.

Having attended this programme you will have gained sufficient knowledge and insights to put them into practice immediately and you will:

  • Understand how to measure, predict and therefore manage future organisational trends
  • Consider the balance between developing individual’s contribution and future business requirements
  • Appreciate the relationship between operational and human resource management
  • Adopt the most appropriate approach to deliver your businesses manpower planning process
  • Develop process management skills in order to maximise the effective use of resources
  • Experience, and be in a position to implement new dynamic manpower planning processes 
  • Consider a number of strategic models for the successful delivery of manpower planning
  • Master and be able to use methods to explore predictive trends and data
  • Be able to us data to construct potential outcomes and calculate monetary implications
  • Re-energise interviewing techniques, appraisal processes and manpower planning systems
  • Create a methodology to present business information effectively
  • Be aware of both organisational and individual measurement tools and the links between the two
  • Develop individual business techniques in order to manage the manpower planning process
  • Examine a number of clearly worked examples from the world of international business for your reference and use back at work
  • Plan and implement action plans for yourself and individuals/managers involved in the manpower planning process 
  • Manpower Planning Managers/Consultants/Supervisors
  • Human Resource Manager who’s accountabilities include Manpower Planning
  • Succession/Emergency Planners
  • Managers who are new to Succession Planning and improving resource management
  • Individuals who have recently experienced the challenges of manpower planning and/or creating the business strategy
  • Consultants who operate across the business planning functions
  • Facilitators who wish to learn more about the development of manpower planning strategies 

This programme uses a number of interactive techniques, taking into account individual’s experience – group discussions, analysis by the participants and case studies with timely inputs from the Senior Consultant.

Time to explore options, testing benefits/potential pitfalls and various programmes of action depending on the situation or requirements
Sharing of a number of global frameworks, methodologies, assessment of theories, group presentations and discussions.

Delegates will experience a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment,  there is empirical evidence that delegates learn best and remember more by experiencing such an environment.

There will also be the opportunity to discuss individual issues on a one to one basis outside the formal sessions of this programme with the senior Consultant if required.


This programme develops the essential skills, knowledge and methodologies to successfully measure assess and monitor the process of Manpower Planning delivery. As this is a complex subject with numerous concepts to consider, there will be sufficient time in the programme to allow delegates to test and clarify their own individual situations so that on completion of the programme, leave with the confidence to implement Manpower Planning methodologies.

Finally introducing and sharing influencing strategies to change the approach to Manpower Planning by constructing logical arguments and presenting information in the most effective manner.

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